Gay Art School Student to Lose Anal Virginity in Front of Class [NSFW]

October 25, 2013
(Gawker) (h/t HenriLeRiche) Art school student Clayton Pettet says he’s held on to his anal virginity for the past 19 years, but he’s finally ready to lose it — and he wants to share his grand opening with the world.
On January 25, 2014, Pettet, a second-year student at London’s Central Saint Martins art school (Jarvis Cocker went here!), is planning to exhibit a one-time-only performance art piece entitled “Art School Stole My Virginity,” which will involve Pettet and a friend engaging in safe anal sex on stage at an art space in the London Borough of Hackney.
He expects between 50 and 100 classmates and other members of the public to attend.
“The key thing about performance art is that it should only be performed once, and this is the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime performance,” Pettet told a local news agency.
The show will be followed by a Q&A wherein Pettet will ask the audience if they detect any change in his partner’s attitude toward him.
“Since culturally we do hold quite a lot of value to the idea of virginity I have decided to use mine and the loss of it to create a piece that I think will stimulate interesting debate and questions regarding the subject,” Pettet said.
Early “reviews” have been mostly negative, with one LGBT activist saying the stunt “cheapens our own sexual relationships.”
On his Tumblr blog (NSFW), Pettet responded in advance to criticism, calling virginity “a performance created by the species Human:Male.”
Though his parents are currently unaware of the performance, Pettet says he has told his teachers.


August 3, 2013
Broadway Cab driver suspended after allegedly forcing same-sex couple out on I-84 Oregon Live, July 28, 2013 
Gay couple
(Shanako M. Devoll and her partner Kate Neal say a Broadway Cab driver ditched them on the side of a Portland freeway around midnight Thursday because of their sexual orientation.)

Devoll said she was showing affection to Neal when the cab driver started making inappropriate comments.

“I was holding her hand and we kissed a couple of times in the back seat, minding our own business,” Devoll said. “He made homophobic remarks that were very hurtful to us. We did not want to be in his cab.”
But the couple asked to be let off at a safe spot, Devoll said.
“This was an unsafe situation. We told him ‘we can’t get out on the freeway. We’re not getting out on the freeway,’ ” she recalled. “If people are working in customer service they need to be able to accept people for who they are.”
Neal said the driver was yelling homophobic remarks at them, and they offered to pay the fare of just under $40 if he’d just let them out at a safe spot, off an exit ramp of the freeway. But Neal said he refused.
“When this happened, you’re in shock and you’re not believing that it’s happening,” Devoll said. “There is no reasoning. You just need to get out of the situation.”
They ended up out of the cab, on the side of eastbound Interstate 84, just before 102nd Avenue. 
Neal said their driver had radioed to another Broadway Cab driver, and a second cab pulled up alongside the freeway where they were let out. The second driver told the three on the side of the freeway to get into his cab, and they did, Neal said.
There was some communication between the first driver and the second outside of the cab, and suddenly the second cab driver told the group in his back seat to get out, according to Devoll and Neal.
“That second cab driver came back and ejected us from his cab,” Neal said.

Is Chuck Hagel About To Go The Way of Susan Rice?

December 23, 2012

Hagel Steve Clemons Hauser.JPGThe Atlantic had an Op Ed saying Chuck won’t fuck with the gays in the military. The wagons are circling. A sense a vulnerability. Getting Hagel in could be Obama’s dream cuz he pulls in the Ron Paul people. Sadly I think not only are these people a threat, they are also a threat to themselves. Obama wants intervention in Syria. Where does Hagel fit in here? Is he closer to the Shia or the Sunni? It is almost like the far right have their hand out to the Shia and Obama of course we know where he stands with the Sunni. To bring Hagel in would consolidate loyalties, but I’m not even sure Obama wants to be loyal to Iran because he’s loyal to the Sunni. This is a complicated dynamic. I’ve thought so badly of Obama for so long that it never occurred to me that he might not want Hagel very much either. Where did this slip of Hagel being a homophobe come from? The NYTimes? hmmmm…. my theory says Obama is backstabbing his own nominee. I think Obama wants to look like he is sharing power and then take it away. Yes,,, that is exactly what I think.

(Daniel Greenfield)Rice’s goose wasn’t cooked until liberals began attacking her over Keystone and Africa. There are now signs that Hagel is coming under fire from liberals as well.

Daily Kos is taking a shot at Hagel over environmental issues, which have ridiculously become a big part of the Pentagon under Obama Inc. And the New York Times is taking a shot at him over gay rights, which under Obama Inc, is ridiculously also a big part of what the Pentagon does now.
Hagel can and will quickly backpedal on global warming and gay rights. It’s certainly easier for him to do this than it was for Rice to undo everything that she had done wrong in Africa. But the liberal attacks are a symptom of what may be the growing conflict between liberals and Obama.
Approaching the 2012 election, Obama began insincerely throwing out a grab bag of party favors to liberals, including gay rights and an executive amnesty for Mexican illegal aliens, but the left intends to make sure that they extract maximum value from O’s second term and that means repeated confrontations that are meant to push him to the left while challenging the orthodoxy of his nominees.
The choice of Hagel was a strange one to begin with. Bringing in Hagel three years ago would have been a clever way to provide cover for an Iraq withdrawal with a Republican anti-war senator. Bringing him in now is mostly useless. Gay rights has been shoved into the military. Iraq is done. Afghanistan is coming up but not much political cover is needed for a war that most people think should end.
Romney hardly attacked Obama on foreign policy, aside from Israel, and that’s where Hagel has the worst possible record. There really is no benefit to a Hagel nomination without a pro-war and anti-war debate in the country. Indeed Obama these days is pushing his own “clean” wars that Republicans rarely dissent from.
Hagel is anti-military and favors major defense cuts, so bringing him to do the dirty work has some utility, but it’s not clear that anyone cares. Republicans have barely made it an issue. Romney failed to defend the military against Tricare health care cuts, which would have been a smart issue to jump on. Most Americans do oppose major defense cuts, but they had the chance to vote against that in November. And it’s not about to stop Obama. Nor does Obama have any further reason to care what the voters who stayed home or foolishly swung over to him, but are nevertheless pro-military, think.
Liberals naturally want one of their own in there. Why waste a major portfolio on a former Republican with a droopy face whose useful expired in 2007?
The second term is usually the spoils of war term. It’s the circular firing squads term. And the Republican collapse has made liberals even more eager to fight over the spoils. They don’t see any point in sharing them with Chuck Hagel.

We sometimes don’t give Obama enough credit. I don’t like him, but he got reelected by playing the game like a master. I really think he is sabotaging his own candidate.

Obama Backed Muslim Takeover of Cote d’Ivoire Leads to Campaign of Violence Against Gays

December 12, 2012

Obama with Cote d’Ivorie’s new Muslim ruler

The Muslim takeover of Cote d’Ivoire wasn’t just one of those random events, it was backed by the IMF and the French military. Obama, among others, backed the Ouattara coup against the decision of the Supreme Court of Cote d’Ivorie and the results are entirely unsurprising.
President Alassane Ouattara is behaving exactly like a Muslim leader. The specific story here is about attacks on gays, but it has much wider implications than that.

Such scenes have become routine since the Republican Forces of Côte d’Ivoire assumed control of Abidjan in April 2011 at the end of a five-month conflict to oust ex-President Laurent Gbagbo and install Alassane Ouattara.
Sexual violence In the most extreme case, those dressed as women who were discovered to be men were held overnight at military camps and raped with Kalashnikov rifles, they say. Others charge their heads were shaved with broken beer bottles.
Raissa said she has endured three attacks during which she’s been stripped, beaten and forced to beg for her life as soldiers threatened to shoot her. “With the rage that’s in their eyes, you never know when they’ll stop,” she said.
“It’s hard to talk about the first time or the second time because it’s just happened so many times,” said a transgender sex worker who goes by the street name, Sara. “No one has escaped the army.”

Revealed: Barack Obama’s gay transgender prostitute nanny who ‘cracked him up trying on his mother’s lipstick’ | Mail Online

March 5, 2012
President Barack ObamaEvie

But Evie doesn’t stand a chance to see the lives of transgenders like herself improve because the left is busy attacking the West and catering to the whims of Islamic pride. Meanwhile the Left beats it’s drum in America about Gay Marriage… but they leave their gay housekeeper to squalor. So this is liberalism in a nutshell… little gay brown people… not important. Taking the rights away from Heterosexuals in America… that’s important to the progressives.

( Barack Obama’s former nanny has been revealed as a gay transgender man who made the future president laugh by trying on his mother’s lipstick.
‘Evie’ cared for the boy she called Barry when his mother Ann Dunham moved to the Indonesian capital of Jakarta in the late 1960s.
Openly gay, she would leave the house dressed in full drag – but was very careful that Barack never saw her.
‘He was so young and I never let him see me wearing women’s clothes,’ Evie said. ‘But he did see me trying on his mother’s lipstick, sometimes. That used to really crack him up.’

Cared for: Barack Obama (left) was looked after by transgender man Evie (right) when he lived in Indonesia
Former life: Barack Obama's former nanny Evie, who was born a man but believes she is a woman, pictured on the left of this picture

Former life: Barack Obama’s former nanny Evie, who was born a man but believes she is a woman, on the left of this picture

The nanny, who turned to prostitution after the family left and now lives in a slum, met the future commander-in-chief’s mother at a cocktail party in 1969.
Dunham, who had moved to the country two years earlier with her second husband Lolo Soetoro, sampled Evie’s beef steak and fried rice and was so impressed that she offered her a job.
It did not take long before she was also eight-year-old Barack’s carer, playing with him and bringing him to and from school.

Neighbours recalled they often saw Evie, who believes she is really a woman, leave the house in the evening fully made up and dressed in drag.
But when the family left in the early 1970s, things started going downhill. Evie moved in with a boyfriend. That relationship ended three years later, and she became a sex worker.
She said: ‘I tried to get a job as a maid, but no one would hire me. I needed money to buy food, get a place to stay.’

Poverty: Evie has suffered taunts and beatings throughout her entire life. She now lives in a tiny hut in a Jakarta slum

Poverty: Evie has suffered taunts and beatings throughout her entire life. She now lives in a tiny hut in a Jakarta slum
Young leader: Barack Obama (circled) as a child at his school in Jakarta, Indonesia

Young leader: Barack Obama (circled) as a child at his school in Jakarta, Indonesia

It was a cat-and-mouse game with security guards and – because the country was still under the dictatorship of General Suharto – soldiers.
They often rounded up ‘banshees’ or ‘warias’, as they are known locally, loaded them into trucks, and brought them to a field where they were kicked, hit and otherwise abused.


Indonesia’s attitude toward transgenders is complex.
Nobody knows how many of them live in the sprawling nation of 240million, but activists estimate seven million.
Because Indonesia is home to more Muslims than any other country in the world, the pervasiveness of men who live as women and vice versa often catches newcomers by surprise.
They hold the occasional pageant, work as singers or at salons and include well-known celebrity talk show host Dorce Gamalama.
But societal disdain still runs deep – when transgenders act in TV comedies, they are invariably the brunt of the joke.
They have taken a much lower profile in recent years, following a series of attacks by Muslim hard-liners.
And the country’s highest Islamic body has decreed that they are required to live as they were born because each gender has obligations to fulfil, such as reproduction.
‘They must learn to accept their nature,’ says Ichwan Syam, a prominent Muslim cleric at the influential Indonesian Ulema Council.
‘If they are not willing to cure themselves medically and religiously’ they have ‘to accept their fate to be ridiculed and harassed’.
Many transgenders turn to prostitution because jobs are hard to find and because they want to live according to what they believe is their true gender.
In doing so, they put themselves at risk of contracting AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The raid that changed everything came in 1985.

Evie and her friends scattered into dark alleys to escape the swinging batons. One particularly beautiful girl, Susi, jumped into a canal strewn with garbage.
When things quieted, those who ran went back to look for her. ‘We searched all night,’ said Evie, who is still haunted by the memory of her friend’s face. ‘Finally … we found her. It was horrible. Her body swollen, face bashed in.’
Evie decided, then and there, to live the rest of her life as a man. She ditched her tight, flowery dresses, brocade vest and bras.
Now 66, she said: ‘I knew in my heart I was a woman, but I didn’t want to die like that. So I decided to just accept it. I’ve been living like this, a man, ever since.’
Several longtime residents of Obama’s old Menteng neighbourhood confirmed Turdi had worked there as Barack’s nanny for two years, also caring for his baby sister Maya.
Evie, who like many Indonesians goes by a single name, now lives in a closet-sized hovel in a tightly packed slum in an eastern corner of Jakarta, collecting and scrubbing dirty laundry to pay for food.
She wears baggy blue jeans and a white T-shirt advertising a tranquil beach resort far away in a place she has never been. She speaks softly, politely, and a deep worry line is etched between her eyes.
As a child, Evie was often beaten by a father who could not stand having such a ‘sissy’ for a son. She said: ‘He wanted me to act like a boy, even though I didn’t feel it in my soul.’
Teased and bullied, she dropped out of school after the third grade and decided to learn how to cook.
She made her way into the kitchens of several high-ranking officials by the time she was a teenager.
And then she met Obama’s mother. Evie now seeks solace in religion, going regularly to the mosque and praying five times a day. She said she is just waiting to die.
She added that she did not know the boy she helped raise won the 2008 U.S. presidential election until she saw a picture of the family in local newspapers and on TV. She blurted out that she knew him.

As a child: Barack Obama seen riding a tricycle in his youth and right, with his mother Ann Dunham, who moved him to Jakarta after her divorce
As a child: Barack Obama seen riding a tricycle in his youth and right, with his mother Ann Dunham, who moved him to Jakarta after her divorce
As a child: Barack Obama seen riding a tricycle in his youth (left) and with his mother Ann Dunham, who moved him to Jakarta after her divorce (right)

Her friends at first laughed and thought she was crazy, but those who live in the family’s old neighbourhood confirmed it is true.
‘Many neighbours would remember Turdi. She was popular here at that time,’ said Rudy Yara, who still lives across the street from Obama’s former house.
‘She was a nice person and was always patient and caring in keeping young Barry.’
Evie hopes her former charge will use his power to fight for people like her. Obama named Amanda Simpson, the first openly transgender appointee, as a senior technical adviser in the Commerce Department in 2010.
For Evie, who’s now just trying to earn enough to survive each day on Jakarta’s streets, the election victory itself was enough to give her a reason – for the first time in a long time – to feel proud.
‘Now when people call me scum,’ she says, ‘I can just say: ‘But I was the nanny for the President of the United States!’

Of course it isn’t so simple… but really… isn’t Evie more important then pretending that Gay people live in a situation where they have the burden of pregnancy in a relationship?

Saudi Study; Sex Abuse Rampent as well as Homosexuality

February 27, 2012
The cause of gender persuasion according to the Muslim public health experts censored on youtube. This does not mean that gay identity isn’t natural or part of our nature… It might be normal for women to lean to a gay persuasion after a bad experience with the opposite sex. For many men a forced gay sexual experience might have the opposite pull and might fetish a traumatic experience. Peace is found through gender analysis: More Egyptian women and Saudi and Jordanian men accept a Jewish Israel than their gender counterparts, whereas among the Lebanese both sexes rank similarly.

Incestuous twin brothers wonder if they should reveal their secret relationship.

February 21, 2012
Media_httpwwwconstell_bunwo(Gemini)(Slate)Dear Prudence,

My fraternal twin and I (both men) are in our late 30s. We were always extremely close and shared a bedroom growing up. When we were 12 we gradually started experimenting sexually with each other. After a couple of years, we realized we had fallen in love. Of course we felt guilty and ashamed, and we didn’t dare tell anyone what we were doing. We hoped it was “just a phase” that we’d grow out of, but we wound up sleeping together  until we left for college. We knew this could ruin our lives, so we made a pact to end it. We attended schools far apart and limited our contact to family holidays. But we never fell out of love with each other, so after graduation we moved in together and have been living very discreetly as a monogamous couple ever since. I’m not writing to you to pass moral judgment on our relationship—we’re at peace and very happy. Our dilemma is how to deal with our increasingly nosy family and friends. They know we’re gay, and we live in a state where same-sex marriage is legal, so we’re getting pressure to settle down. I feel we should continue being discreet for the rest of our lives and blow off their questions. It’s nobody’s business, and I fear they would find our relationship shocking and disgusting. My brother, though, is exhausted with this charade. He thinks that if we get the family together with a therapist to talk through the issues, they’ll eventually accept it. I think he’s out of his mind, but I also want to make him happy. Is this one of those times when honesty is not the best policy? If so, how do we get everyone to stop worrying we will die alone? I’m also concerned about the legal implications of this—would the therapist be required to report us to the authorities? Could we go to prison?