Latest BDS joke

June 10, 2012

(EOZ)Let’s say an international security company operates in such human-rights abusing states as Pakistan, China, Yemen, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.
Would you be upset if that company provides security for the London Olympics?
Apparently not. No one has said a word about that.
But if that same company does work in Israel, then it must be boycotted!
From Al Arabiya:

In the upcoming next week session of the British parliament, the government will be grilled over its decision to allow a firm suspected of human rights abuses in Palestinian territories to provide security services for the London 2012 Olympic Games.
G4S, chosen as “official provider of security and cash services for the Olympics,” also operates in Jewish settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
The company, which describes itself as the “world’s leading international security solutions group” and as the “official provider of security and cash services for the Olympics,” has already taken on 10,400 new employees for the 2012 Games, the Independent reported on Thursday.
The parliament, however, will be quizzed by prominent businessman and Labor peer Lord Hollick, after he files a written question on Monday, on the steps the parliament has taken to ensure that G4S is not providing security services in illegal settlements in the West Bank.

Because Israel is uniquely horrid among all the states G4S operate in!
How much more proof do you need to see that BDS is motivated by anti-semitism, pure and simple? Only the Jewish state gets singled out as being the reason to attack this huge multinational security company that does work in scores of nations worldwide.  G4S also does work with the EU, most Scandinavian states, the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Belgium, and pretty much every major nation. And pretty much every Arab state as well, none of whom are boycotting it!
BDSers pretended to have gained a victory when the EU decided to change security companies at its parliament last year away fro G4S, in a move that was not in any way prompted by BDSers.

It’s a wonder that they don’t boycott the Olympics for Israel being at the games at all… uh oh said too much