friendfeed panopticons improved new following selections

May 22, 2008

I might not have 1000 twit follows anymore,but since I blew up NoahDavidSimon and QRU due 2 Panopticons, I noticed friendfeed has improved new following selections. many people I was meeting on twitter were random b4, now I use friendfeed as a screening service 2 figure out who I like b4 I sniff ass with ’em. I now can get to know a person’s comments b4 I follow just cuz it is a random friend of a friend. friendfeed might just save twitter. question isn’t friendfeed or twitter, the question is how they compliment each other. that is the beauty. glad my old twit accounts r gone. I only wish I could find a Mac based twitter to friendfeed follower conversion.


friendfeed panopticons coming soon

May 16, 2008

as the panopticons fellow… imagine instead of 21 twitter accounts. 21 friendfeed accounts and you don’t tell people they are all you. you then have a conversation with yourself and force yourself to the top of the feed. yes I have already thought about it