The Bush letter nine years on

April 14, 2013

(Carl) Rick Richman reminds us that Sunday is the 9th anniversary of the famous Bush letter that effectively promised Israel the ‘settlement blocs.’ At the time, the letter was overwhelmingly endorsed by both Houses of Congress, but in 2009, President Obama and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, tried to pretend that it didn’t exist, and Obama has continued to behave as if the letter did not exist.
US Secretary of State John FN Kerry is unable to pretend the letter didn’t exist. But that doesn’t mean he’s going to back Israel’s position. Rick Richman explains.

At an April 9 press conference in Tel Aviv, Bow Shapira from Israeli TV (Channel 1) told Kerry he wanted to ask about “a guarantee from the past”–the 2004 Bush letter, which he described as “telling that blocs of settlements can stay, cannot [be] removed from the territory.” His question about the guarantee was straightforward: “well, does it exist?” Kerry responded in part as follows:

I remember that commitment very well because I was running for president then, and I personally have supported the notion that the situation on the ground has changed, and obviously, we’re talking about blocs that are in a very different status. I’m not going to get into telling you what ought to happen with respect to any particular piece of geography today because that’s for the parties to decide in their negotiation. But I have certainly supported the notion publicly myself that we need to deal with the ’67 lines, plus the swaps that reflect some of the changes that have taken place since then.

It is not surprising that Kerry remembered the commitment so well. He appeared on “Meet the Press” on April 18, 2004–four days after the Bush letter was issued–and was asked directly about it by Tim Russert:

MR. RUSSERT: On Thursday, President Bush … said that Israel can keep part of the land seized in the 1967 Middle East War and asserted the Palestinian refugees cannot go back to their particular homes. Do you support President Bush?
MR. RUSSERT: Completely?

Kerry’s response to the Israeli reporter last week is significant, because he recognized: (1) that the Bush letter was in fact a commitment, subsequently endorsed by both the Senate (95-3) and the House (407-9) in concurrent resolutions; and (2) that he supported it at the time, in unambiguous terms.

But it is indicative of the continuing problem President Obama created with his refusal in 2009 to endorse the Bush letter that an Israeli reporter felt it necessary to ask whether the U.S. commitment exists. The president has been attempting to assure Israelis with his have-your-back, all-options-on-the-table rhetorical commitments, but they remember that in the past he did not feel constrained to respect even a written commitment to Israel.

Given that Obama doesn’t live up to his commitments, why should Israel give up real assets to appease him?


“Counterproductive”- The Despicable Willary Klintoon

September 29, 2011
(SheikYerMami/Vlad Tepes) The Klintoons, agents of Islam: Her hubby bombed the Christian Serbs to help the mujaheddin establish 3 Islamic Heroin and Jihad statelets in the middle of Europe. Both are in the Arab pocket. Willary Clitman: ‘Israel should allow her enemies to determine where she may or may not build homes for her people’ …US blasts ‘counterproductive’ Israeli settlement Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says Israel’s announcement of 1,100 new housing units in east Jerusalem is counterproductive to the Mideast peace talks. (Sept. 27)

Palestinian Authority Threatens US Over Security Council Veto then KISSES E.U. ASS.

September 18, 2011

It does not seem like all the ass kissing by Obama and Clinton is paying off. They are getting poo pooed by the Arabs and the E.U. is getting all the respect. I almost feel bad for the Obama administration, but then they made their own bed and Obama was warned by many.

From this source (h/t Infidel Bloggers Alliance):

Palestinian Authority officials on Saturday threatened the United States saying vetoing its statehood bid in the United Nations Security Council next week would “destroy” the so-called two-state solution.
The warning came hours after PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas announced in a speech in Ramallah that he would ask the UN Security Council to accept membership of a PA state despite a firm US warning the move would fail.
Chief PLO negotiator Saeb Erekat warned a US veto would not only destroy the two-state solution, but could lead to the dismantling of the PA.
“Anyone who supports the two-state solution should back the Palestinian effort [at the UN],” he said.
Erekat hinted that if the PLO dismantles the PA, it would subsequently insisting on the ‘right of return’ for millions of ‘Palestinian refugees’ to Israel.
US lawmakers in Congress, over State Department objections, have overwhelmingly called on the Obama administration to cut funding to the PA should it present its bid to the world body.

So, what will Obama do now?

Obama won’t get re-elected for sure if he supports Palestine. All the chips are on the table. My bet is that the Palestinians will go with the statehood bid, the Israelis will then end the Oslo agreements and annex Judea and Samaria and the Arab countries just recuperating from the Arab Spring will not have the ability to do anything about it. Turkey will huff and puff and then go backrupt

(EYE ON WORLD🙂 BERLIN (YNET) – Palestinian Authority envoy in Germany Saleh Abdel-Shafi claimed Sunday that the Palestinians will drop their bid to achieve full UN membership in exchange for European Union recognition of the PA as a UN observer state at the General Assembly.
“We are still negotiating with the Europeans,” Abdel-Shafi told the Financial Times Deutschland. “We’ll be willing to forgo the Security Council bid if European states support us at the Assembly vote,” he said.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has also expressed willingness to drop the Security Council bid in his Friday address but posed different conditions – Abbas demanded that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recognize the 1967 borders and freeze settlement construction.(More)

The Israelis have nothing to gain by stopping house building. The left is complaining they have no place to live and are pitching tents all over Tel Aviv with European cheering in the media. I have no doubt the E.U. (considering their HITLEResque history) will continue to cater to the Palestinians,,, especially since most have now rejected Durban III and feel they are wearing their Zionist hats again. Those Euros don’t mind throwing the Jews to the ovens as long as they can do it in a way that doesn’t hurt their fragile egos.

A win-win strategy for Netanyahu

March 14, 2011

Caroline Glick has a new strategy for Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Obama will not be moved by Israeli concessions. The only way to stop Obama from moving forward on his anti- Israel policy course is to work through Congress. And the most effective way to work through Congress is for Netanyahu to abandon his current course and tell the truth about the nature of the Palestinians, their rejection of Israel, their anti- Americanism and their support for jihadist terror. At the same time, Netanyahu must speak unambiguously about Israel’s national rights to Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, our required security borders, and about why US national security requires a strong Israel. The stronger the case Netanyahu makes for Israel, the more support Israel will receive from the Congress. And the more support Israel receives from the Congress, the more Obama will be compelled to temper his anti-Israel agenda.

We need 1,000 units for every person murdered

March 13, 2011

that is how you win a peace. you don’t give land… you punish those that murder you!

Interior Minister Eli Yishai on Sunday responded to the government’s approval of hundreds of new housing units in the settlements following the terrorist attack in Itamar Saturday, saying: “I would not stop with 400 units, we need at least 1,000 new housing units for each person murdered.”
“After this terrible and shocking murder, nothing will comfort the families,” Yishai said. “The [Palestinian] Authority is raising a generation of murderers.”

Bibi Might Pull Out

December 9, 2010

Israel may offer Palestinians West bank pullout

A political source in Jerusalem has said that the US is leading the way for a new route to continuing negotiations with the Palestinians which include examining the option of offering the Palestinians an additional Israeli pullout in Judea and Samaria and transferring defense authority to the Palestinian Authority.

“The steps are being coordinated with Israel”, said the senior source, “the goal for both sides is to find a route that will lead to a year of continuous talks which will end with an agreement.” (Roni Sofer and Attila Somfalvi)

Officials: US drops demand for settlement freeze

December 8, 2010

(The Fatah manifesto asks it’s loyal to kill Jews)

U.S. President Barack Obama assured the Palestinian Authority that his administration is committed to a two-state solution and that a future Palestinian state will be independent and have territorial continuity, PA secretary general Tayeb Abdel Rahim said.

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama has abandoned attempts to persuade Israel to slow West Bank settlement activity, officials said Tuesday, dealing a major blow to the resumption of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and one of the president’s top foreign policy initiatives.

AAfter months of trying to broker a formula under which Israel would impose a new, temporary settlement freeze in return for U.S. promises and incentives, two American officials said the administration has concluded that course won’t work. The decision was expected to be announced later Tuesday.
Talks stalled in September, barely a month after they started. The Palestinians refused to return to direct negotiations until a new freeze was in place following the expiration of an earlier, 10-month Israeli slowdown in settlement expansion.
Now, said the U.S. officials, American pressure for a three-month moratorium and the U.S. incentives package, which included political, diplomatic and security assurances for Israel, are off the table. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly on the matter.
The White House’s bid for a Middle East peace settlement was a longshot from the start, but its apparent breakdown comes at a time when the administration is struggling on a number of fronts abroad. There is slow progress in the Afghan war, increasing friction with China and the embarrassing deluge of confidential diplomatic cables released by the website WikiLeaks.
The U.S. officials said the administration was not giving up efforts to broker a peace deal and noted that Israeli and Palestinian negotiators will visit Washington next week for consultations.
The U.S. will be talking with both sides in the coming days, one of the officials said, while Arab states and other interested countries also will be consulted.
However, the administration’s decision to drop support for the Palestinians’ key demand could mean the end of the moribund peace process.
Obama had made Israeli-Palestinian peace a major goal of his administration, appointing seasoned peace negotiator George Mitchell as his special Mideast envoy on his second day in office.
Mitchell made dozens of trips to the region to get the parties to agree to direct talks. In early September, with the expiration of the initial slowdown looming, Obama brought Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas along with the leaders of Jordan and Egypt to launch the face-to-face discussions, which failed.
Neither Israeli nor Palestinian officials would comment on the developments in Washington before their official announcement.
Earlier Tuesday, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said the U.S. had halted talks with Israel on settlement activity because Washington was distracted by the WikiLeaks release of secret documents.
State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley responded by saying that Israel may have been preoccupied with putting out a huge forest fire that burned until Sunday.
The U.S. had been pressing Israel to renew a moratorium on new settlement construction in exchange for security guarantees and diplomatic assurances of support. Israel wanted those in writing, as well as a pledge that east Jerusalem would be exempt from the moratorium.
The Palestinians refused to return to the peace talks unless Israel halted all building in the West Bank and east Jerusalem — lands they want for part of their future state.
Peace talks began in September but ground to a halt three weeks later after Israel’s original moratorium on new West Bank construction expired.
Netanyahu returned from a November trip to the U.S. with a list of guarantees, including 20 next-generation stealth fighter planes and U.S. pledges to veto anti-Israel resolutions at the United Nations, according to Israeli officials.
In exchange, Israel was asked to renew the expired limits on settlement construction.
Days later the deal snagged after members of Netanyahu’s Cabinet demanded a written pledge from the U.S. that the moratorium would exclude east Jerusalem. Such a pledge never materialized.
The U.S. had wanted a moratorium in the hopes that it would allow Israel and the Palestinians to make enough progress in drawing their future borders to make the settlement question irrelevant.
With borders determined, Israel could resume building on any territories it would expect to keep under a final peace deal.
But Israeli officials said Tuesday that short of an understanding on borders, a crisis could erupt if Israel agreed to the freeze sought by the U.S.
Now, said Israeli officials, insisting on anonymity because of the sensitivity of the contacts, the U.S. and Israel have agreed on a statement that “in the coming days and weeks, efforts will continue toward finding ways to renew the direct negotiations in order to reach a framework that would lead in the end to an agreement between the two sides.”
Associated Press writer Tia Goldenberg in Jerusalem contributed to this report.
Read more:…

Guest Comment: What a lot of hogwash.
The statement U.S drops demand for settlement freeze, will not matter because, now, every country in the world, that wishes Israel harm and demise or sides with the Arabs over the Jews, will follow Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay footsteps and recognize a “Palestine” with the demand that Israel goes back to the dangerous 1967 border.
NOW, it is the time for ALL of us to get everyone in the Israeli government and the Israeli press that is on our side – the RIGHT side – to EXPOSE Team Palestinian Authority (PA) – in their own words.
That David Harris of American Jewish Committee (AJC) ‘kvetches’ about the Latin American countries recognizing “Palestine” is “unhelpful to the “peace process” is a lot a nonsense. AJC has lots of donors’ money. They should be EXPOSING the Palarabs (ask “Palestinians”). They should be putting Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) presentation on a disk and send it to every Latin American Embassy and consulate in the US with the appropriate, official cover letter. AJC should make a SIGNIFICANT donation to Palestinian Media Watch that is in the business of TELLING the truth about the Palarabs, not in the business of not see, hear, speak!
More so, since it seems that the U.S is dropping its demand for construction freezw in the “settlements”, how about the U.S begin demanding a TOTAL end to Team PA’s incitement to hate and violence in its curriculum and the hateful political/media/mosques rhetoric AND ALSO withholding all financial support – END financing UNRWA – until Team PA complies?!
I sincerely hope the Israeli government does not just sigh in relief and thinks that it can now relax. When one front goes quiet another one will roar. Where the U.S may stop some of its bashing and the pressure on Israel, the South American countries will take over creating a HUGE pressure cooker movement of recognizing a phantom Palarab state all a very dangerous move endangering Israel’s existence. THE Israeli government must demand that the U.S administration exposes the PA/Fatah/Abbas, fayyad, Erakat with every press release, every press conference, with every media outlet and public statement.
The truth is our ONLY weapon.
Nurit Greenger,
Los Angeles, USA

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The Jews are the Enemies of Muslims Regardless of the Occupation of Palestine; ‘Believe That We Will Fight, Defeat, and Annihilate Them, Until Not a Single Jew Remains on the Face of the Earth’   MEMRI

Egyptian Cleric Muhammad Hussein Ya’qoub:

Book 041, Number 6985:

Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.