The Usury Accusation

July 4, 2011

The Catholic Church forbade usury. Without the ability to lend with interest there would be no trade, no merchandise, no commerce.
That was where the Jew came in and solved the problem for Christian Europe. Both the Church and the nobleman needed an intermediary. Since the Jew was going straight to Hell anyway, according to Church doctrine, why not use him while he was on this Earth.


Can PUSSY bring middle east PEACE?

June 26, 2011

Nothing will make people like you who don’t, but PUSSY sure helps. via

The FDA’s Disturbing Propaganda

June 22, 2011

…I_heard_about_this… this morning and I was afraid to look. I should of, I bet I get a lot of hits for these fucking puke disgusting images. Really… I’m a smoker and it is disturbing. Right now I’m on those free nicotine patches from…
New York Smoke Free. That is if you are in N.Y.State. It is pretty good because I save a lot of money. I mean… who can turn down free Nicotine… Shit! h/t Conservative Compendium

Soylent Green

October 20, 2010
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Ivory Tower

October 17, 2010

Gulf State Arabs Buy Up Galilee Lands

August 16, 2010
Jewish Rights Compromised By Free Market – Atlas Shrugged, but he’s got Dandruff
So my Jewish friends on the right… and your complete free market view… how do you defend us from this? Could it be that a free market is not just? Don’t you think some regulation is valid here? I’m waiting for the Right Wing Blogosphere to answer me on this…  people who confuse free market theory as their religion deserve to lose their birthright. I got a bowl of soup to sell you

Wealthy foreign Arabs have bought up hundreds of dunams of land in the Galilee, according to a report broadcast Saturday on Voice of Israel government radio. The land, which was owned privately and which was zoned for agricultural use, was sold due to economic hardship.
The buyers were wealthy citizens of Arab states in the Persian Gulf that do not have any diplomatic relations with the State of Israel.
Groups of Galilee Jewish farmers who tried to organize a counter-offer failed to raise enough money to purchase the land from its owners.
Israeli lands are being sold to the highest bidder.

Agriculture Minister Shalom Simchon said he had no legal authority to intervene in the matter. The Israel Lands Authority, which owns most of the land in Israel, told the radio station it could not stop a transaction involving privately-owned land.
The Knesset last month passed a bill that mandates the sale of 400,000 dunams of the Land of Israel by 2014, the equivalent of 400 square kilometers, or 155 square miles (nearly 99,000 acres). The law allows another 400,000 dunams to be sold after 2014.
Kadima Knesset Member Nachman Shai slammed the same in a news release, saying “Israeli lands are being sold to the highest bidder,” just as expected and feared during the vote on land reform.
“The Israel Land Authorities reform is a loophole calling out to the robber, and it will attract, as expected, Arab investors from abroad, who will eventually gain control over significant pieces of land in Israel,” Shai said.
Meretz head Chaim Oron also pointed to the sale as proof that the land reform bill had been “misguided.”

YidWithLid?, Pamela Geller? ….come on guys! it didn’t work! I’m sure we can get Norquist to write a check to any of you bloggers who can explain this one. Maybe some of the Hezbollah supporters in Michigan that the GOP is ass kissing can explain this if you can’t