for some reason I am thinking about Ralph Nader.

June 9, 2008

I liked him when I was a kid, but didn’t vote for his presidency. I voted for Gore, but I still like Ralph. It was the failure of the Democrats for not supporting Ralph Nader in 2000 and they should of given him a power position in the party. It cost the Dems the election. I don’t blame Ralph Nader though. I blame the people that voted for him and I blame the party who has had it’s head up it’s ass since 1993. Today I see the same people who voted for Nader and they are Obama’s biggest supporters. I don’t hate Obama. I don’t agree with him, but I think he would hurt me… but hate is too strong a word. What I do hate are some of the ignorant self righteous morons who support him. Now that Obama is supporting Israel, I could see voting for him in the future. He is a pretty good speaker after all and he seems to adopt new ideas… but I am not going to be voting for him because the people in his campaign are not the type of people I want to see running the country. I find it interesting to me that the people in Obama’s campaign remind me of the zealous stupidity in the Republican party. Something just is off kilter… and I am afraid that Obama’s people will make the kind of rash decisions that Bush made. What America needs right now is a moderate that understands the best way to fix the economy. We can’t hope on winning World War II again. Our war in Iraq and Afghanistan is a single country. The global war on terrorism does not have a centralized point. New Deal politics won’t work here. We can’t just spend and then hope to become the world’s single superpower that has all the money in the world. No doubt in ten years when our fuel situation has stabilized, then I will support spending again, but I don’t see Obama’s plan working.