BBC apologizes for Itamar massacre coverage

June 27, 2012

I don’t only want an apology. I want to know in the future that the news will not try to be equivalent if one side is obviously attacking the other… but that won’t happen. The BBC systematically attempts to equalize Islam and Judaism when there is no equivalent in doctrine. What the BBC does is systematic bias and the British audience is being lied to.

(YNET) Conservative MP Louise Mensch made various complaints to the network about the coverage and received an apology from BBC News’s Helen Boaden. She did not stop there and sought an explanation from outgoing director Mark Thompson at a Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee hearing last week.

Thompson said the story had come during a “very busy news period” including the fighting in Libya and the tsunami in Japan.

"בוודאי שמדובר בזוועה". הלוויית 5 בני משפחת פוגל (צילום ארכיון: גיל יוחנן)
Funeral of Fogel family members (Photo: Gil Yohanan)

“News editors were under a lot of pressure,” he said. “Having said that, it was certainly an atrocity which should have been covered across our news bulletins that day.”

Nevertheless, he added: “I don’t believe that should be taken as systemic bias. We try very, very hard… to reflect suffering on both sides of that conflict. When there has been a humanitarian incident in Gaza, we try to show the effects of rockets in Sderot.”

WHAT? why not tell the truth! It isn’t about who suffers more.

He said he stood by his decision not to have shown a humanitarian appeal for Gaza during Operation Cast Lead. “I believe I was right, many people thought I was wrong. It might have given the impression we were more sympathetic to one side of that dispute than the other. Israel and Palestine, like Kashmir and Sri Lanka, are so hot in terms of people’s sensitivity.

“But I do want to say, to all our audience including our Jewish and Israeli audiences here and around the world, we do want to make sure we are fair and impartial. We made a mistake in this instance.” (MORE)


What the Guardian won’t report: Palestinians continue to laud Itamar Massacre terrorists

May 8, 2012

(CIF Watch) According to a Ynet report in Oct., mocked and taunted the surviving Fogel children on the day they came to the village for the olive harvest.

a poll conducted last May (2011) in the West Bank, Gaza and E. Jerusalem demonstrated that nearly one-third of Palestinians explicitly support the murder of the Fogels.( MORE)

Palestinian TV airs show praising Fogel family murderer

January 30, 2012

Media_httpwwwhaaretzc_hzbeg(Haaretz) Palestinian television aired an interview with the relatives of the Fogel family murderers earlier this month, praising the two cousins convicted with the brutal attack as “heroes.”
The broadcast was aired as part of a weekly show on the Palestinian state-run station called “For You,” which focuses on Palestinian prisoners incarcerated in Israel.
The show featured the aunt and mother of Hakim Awad, who along with his cousin Amjad was convicted of brutally stabbing to death five Fogel family members in an attack on their home in the West Bank settlement of Itamar on the night of March 11, 2011.
Hakim Awad’s mother sent her regards to her son, proudly describing him as the perpetrator of the Itamar attack and that he was sentenced to 5 consecutive life sentences.
Awad’s aunt then proceeded to describe her nephew as a “hero and a legend.”
The unusual broadcast was reported by the Israel-based media watchdog organization Palestinian Media Watch
Late last year Amjad Awad was convicted of the murdering Ehud and Ruth Fogel, along with three of their young child-ren, Yoav, 11, Elad, 4, and Hadas, 3 months old, before fleeing the scene. His cousin Hakim was convicted a month earlier. Both men were sentenced to five consecutive life sentences by an IDF court.

Grassroots revolt against Jewish Federations’ support of Israel’s enemies

September 10, 2011

The winds of change are blowing across the landscape of American Jewish institutions, fanned by grassroots revolts against local Jewish Federation leaderships for their support of positions and programs that threaten Israel. This is not simply a right-wing versus left-wing divide, but rather a demand that local leaderships either change or find themselves with seriously reduced support, popular and financial.

On August 10th, the Jewish Telegraph Agency published an opinion piece by Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) titled, at least on the ADL site, “Shout Down the Sharia Myth Makers.” Within a few weeks, the Foxman op-ed, which attacked those who who are wary of the inroads sharia law is making in the United States, had been, in lockstep fashion, printed in more than two dozen Jewish weeklies subsidized by Jewish Federation charity organizations, ranging from North Jersey’s Jewish Standard to Philadelphia’s Jewish Exponent to Wisconsin’s Jewish Chronicle to Los Angeles’s Jewish Journal.

The ADL has been taken to task for this, including by this writer and by Jewish Culture Examiner himself. Similarly, the ADL has received considerable recent criticism for, among other reasons, its eager support of the construction of “mega-mosques” throughout the United States, including New York, Tennessee and California. The following are some examples of the grassroots revolt taking place:

In Orange County, California, local activists of Ha’Emet (The Truth), have mined state public records and, in the process, unearthed details of how the local Federation funded more than $60,000 in grants to U.C.-Irvine for student trips to meet with Hamas representatives on the West Bank.

In Indianapolis, a new group, the Jewish American Affairs Council of Indiana (JAACI), has opposed local Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) interfaith dialogues with a leading Muslim Brotherhood front group, the Islamic Society of North America, headquartered in nearby Plainfield.

In Manhattan, has been very critical of the current UJA-Federation executive director, John Ruskay, for both his high-six-figure compensation and for his support of pro-Palestinian programs.

The Russian Jewish Foundation of Boston, which represents 70,000 (generally politically conservative) Russian-Jewish émigrés, has taken exception to JCRC’s invitation of the local J Street chapter to join. J Street, which Orwellianly operates under the mantra of “Pro-Peace and Pro-Israel”, supports the unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state. Moreover, J Street had secured significant funding from controversial anti-Israel financier George Soros (born to a Hungarian-Jewish family as György Schwartz).

Then there is the Buffalo Federation, which engaged in planning “dialogue” efforts in Syria with a notorious anti-Semitic imam, via local community terrorism supporters. This was exposed by Dr. Charles Jacobs of Americans for Peace and Tolerance.

In March, 2011, the public learned of the slaughter of five members of the Fogel family in Israel by teenage jihadis. A group of activists dedicated a pledge in memory of the Fogel family, requesting that local Federations oppose sponsorship of speakers supporting boycotts of, sanctions on and divestment from Israel. To date, only the Federation in Sarasota-Manatee County, Florida has signed the Fogel Pledge.

More has to be done to reform local Jewish Federations and JCRCs, as well as the national group, the Jewish Council on Public Affairs. Merely reducing or withholding donations is not enough. Alternative grassroots organizations like JAACI should be established in local communities to become the “go to” Jewish representatives for support of the State of Israel.

Additionally, American Jews can no longer afford to ignore Christian–Zionist organizations, such as Christians United for Israel, which represent tens of millions of believers in the sanctity of G-d’s covenant with his people.
Jerry Gordon (senior editor of New English Review), NY Jewish Culture Examiner (h/t Doc’s Talk)

‘Palestinians’ attack Jewish Kindergarten in Hebron

June 19, 2011

‘Palestinians’ attempted to attack Jewish children on Sunday morning, this time in Hebron. Fortunately, the attempt failed. via Israel Matzav

…this time

Something rotten in Sweden – Op-ed: While world seeks to defeat terror, Stockholm welcomes notorious terrorist into country

June 10, 2011
The taxpayers of Sweden have just funded a visit to their country of

‘Palestinian’ terrorist Leila Khaled….

Sweden’s contribution to the question of how to deal with terrorism was to provide a welcome mat – in the form of a taxpayer-funded lecture tour – for the notorious Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) airplane hijacker, Leila Khaled.

On the Iranian front, Bildt distinguished himself as one of the EU leaders most opposed to increased sanctions against Tehran. The very same diplomat rushed to Istanbul in June 2010 to personally greet and have his picture taken with Swedish participants in the infamous Turkish Gaza Flotilla.
If Sweden is serious about opposing terrorism and promoting Mideast peace, it must reveal the circumstances behind Leila Khalid’s entry and departure from Swedish and EU Territory and who approved the allocation of taxpayers’ funds for a woman who stands for everything Osama Bin Laden lived and died for.
Rabbi Abraham Cooper is the Associate Dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Daniel Schatz is a Visiting Fellow at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies at Stanford University and is an expert on European and Scandinavian Politics

via YNetNews and Israel Matzav

Only in the land of Carl Bildt could they have come up with something like this: A Swedish television report blames the Jews for both 9/11 and the Holocaust.

Photo credit: and An Interview via and via

Leila Khaled marching with other PFLP leaders in the Baddawi refugee camp in Lebanon during a demonstration marking the 40th anniversary of the PFLP, 9 December 2007.

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Leftists Visit, Hug Mother of Fogel Murderer

April 21, 2011

The leftists visited several homes in the Samaria village, including that of the Awad family, which spawned the murderers. The identities of the confessed murderers were released for publication on Sunday, the day after the visit. The murderers were already in IDF custody at the time of the leftists’ visit and their arrest – including the fact that they are relatively young – was already widely rumored and hinted at by the press.

A photograph from the visit which can be viewed here, posted by one of the activists on her Internet blog, shows Raya Yaron, spokeswoman of Machsom Watch, comforting a woman described as being 37 years old and “in a deep depression.” The blogger explained in her post that the woman fainted during the leftist women’s visit and was distraught over the arrest of her husband, her two sons and a daughter.
The woman is easily recognizable as Nuf Awad, mother of Hakem Awad, whose photograph was featured on the front page of Arab newspaper al-Hayat al-Jadida Monday.
“It is impossible that my son did this,” she is quoted by the paper as saying. “My son doesn’t know how to slaughter a chicken” (the translation is from the Seventh Eye media-watch website). The two murderers confessed, however, to slaughtering five human beings and investigators reported that they expressed no remorse, and even said that had they realized there were two more children sleeping in the house, they would have killed them as well. They saw no problem in slitting baby Hadas’s throat, they explained, since she was a Jew.
Another leftist visitor, Yaakov Manor of the Center for Alternative Information, described the visit thus on the AIC’s Hebrew website: 
“The horror that we witnessed at the home of the family of Muhammad Awad cannot be described as anything but a pogrom – a primitive and brutal act of revenge intended to strike fear and awe into the hearts of the residents…”
“The father, Muhammad, 45, the son Majdi, 20, a third year university student, the son Amjad, 19, a freshman university student, and the son Hakem, 17, were arrested.”  
At about the same time that Manor wrote the post, a court lifted a gag order and allowed the press to publish the names and photos of the murder suspects. One of them was 17 year old Hakem Awad. The other was his cousin, Amjad Awad, who is apparently not the same Amjad mentioned above as brother of Hakem.
Machsom Watch is a women’s group that interferes with soldiers looking for weapons and explosives at checkposts and is a member of the Women’s Coalition for Peace. Both are radical groups that espouse a pacifist, anti-religious and anti-Western brand of gender feminism, and both received considerable funding from the New Israel Fund as recently as 2007, according to NGO Monitor. 
Despite allegations of siding with Israel’s enemies, the New Israel Fund is still perceived as a legitimate body by many liberals in Israel and outside it.
As reported on Arutz ShevaIsrael Online Ambassadors said Sunday that these leftist groups had crossed a red  line. “The time has come to make leftist groups that support murderers illegal. Whoever supports baby killers has no place in a democratic society,” the group said in a statement.


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