Fidel Castro’s Niece in Twitter Row with Cuban Dissident Yoani Sánchez

November 10, 2011

(h/t Libra Bunda) THE GUARDIAN: Mariela Castro – daughter of president Raúl – calls dissidents ‘despicable parasites’ hours after joining Twitter
Within hours of signing up to Twitter, the daughter of the Cuban president, Raúl Castro, has got into the online equivalent of a shouting match with a prominent dissident blogger, Yoani Sánchez.
Mariela Castro called Sánchez and her supporters “despicable parasites” in a brief exchange that may have been the first direct confrontation, verbal or otherwise, between dissidents and a member of the Castro family after years of mutual animosity.
Sánchez, who regularly criticises the lack of freedoms in communist Cuba in her Generation Y blog, touched off the dispute by sending tweets that welcomed Mariela Castro to the “plurality of Twitter” where “no one can shut me up, deny me permission to travel or block entrance”.
“When will we Cubans be able to come out of other closets?” she asked, alluding to Mariela Castro’s championing of gay rights as head of Cuba’s national centre for sex education.
“Tolerance is total or is it not?” Sánchez tweeted.
Castro, 49, replied coolly: “Your focus of tolerance reproduces the old mechanisms of power. To improve your ‘services’ you need to study.”

I know all my right wing readers are looking for me to fry a Communist, but I’m not going to do that. Castro’s response is correct, and I’m shocked that I agree with her. Toleration of Evil is a crime… is the well known quote from the Socialist Thomas Mann that Conservatives love to quote,,, and it is true. Castro’s argument was sound, but Cuba’s proportions are all off. The Castros have tolerated plenty of intolerance… and that is why theory is all bunk. Do I need to detail the amount of intolerance that the Castros have tolerated? It would be endless. Today the Castro family tolerated Shia controlled Iran for starters. and while Fidel has attempted to make ammends with Jews and Homosexual… it is all words. That is what the Castro people are. Monsters out of theory.


Hugo Chávez hospitalized in critical condition in Cuba

June 25, 2011

Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez was hospitalized in critical condition in a Cuban hospital on Saturday, according to a report in El Nuevo Herald. (Ynet) and image via

Anne Bayefsky: Behind the story–U.S. Pulls Out Of Durban III

June 3, 2011

Durban III Set for New York City in September 2011

The Liberal Lynch Mob Comes for the Jews Again…

The United Nations and the Goldstone Report:
Where Does It Go From Here?

With President Obama’s anti-Israel hostility becoming an increasing liability for Democrats, the administration finally decided Wednesday to pull out of the U.N.’s upcoming Israel-bashing extravaganza known as “Durban III.” Believe it or not, the notorious U.N. world summit on racism is coming to New York City in September with the purpose of “commemorating” the ten-year anniversary of the racist “anti-racism” conference held in Durban, South Africa in 2001.
Mr. Obama’s latest lead-from-behind foreign policy move comes seven months after Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government first declared “we will not be part of this event, which commemorates an agenda that promotes racism rather than combats it.”

The decision appears to be a clear reaction to the negative political fallout surrounding Mr. Obama’s recent veiled attempt to shove indefensible borders down Israel’s throat.
During Obama’s speech to the pro-Israel lobby group AIPAC on May 22, he specifically referred to his decision not to attend the “Durban II” or “Durban review conference,” which was held in Geneva in 2009. But he made no mention of of U.S. participation in the 2011 Durban III event, though it would have been an ideal audience for such an announcement had he already reached a decision on it.
In 2009 President Obama decided — just 36 hours before the meeting began — that there was something wrong with a conference on xenophobia and intolerance headlined by Iranian President Ahmadinejad.
It was a costly delay, which saved the U.N. from even more embarrassment, as many other states would have acted in tandem with the United States and boycotted Durban II with sufficient planning.
Evidently, on May 22 the president still thought he could pull the same dawdling stunt again.
But with Democrats scrambling to recover from the president’s profound alienation of large numbers of voters deeply sympathetic to Israel, the June 1 announcement was made and dressed up as a response to a letter “from Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.” The old letter from last December was actually signed by 9 Democrats, 8 Republicans, and 1 independent, and post-dated a boycott call of the racism summit made by Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen in November.
The better-late-than-never decision is not as simple, however, as it seems.
First, the U.N. General Assembly is currently negotiating a resolution on the “modalities” of Durban III. In plain English, there has been a difficult and protracted debate behind-the-scenes about the organization of the summit. The European Union, in particular, is looking for procedural dodges that will help it avoid the split that occurred during Durban II, when some EU states boycotted and others did not.Unfortunately for EU pencil-pushers, there is no escaping that the substance of the meeting is irrevocably poisoned.
By virtue of a 2010 General Assembly resolution, the purpose of Durban III is to celebrate a world conference that reveled in anti-semitism and to adopt a final declaration that reaffirms the original Durban Declaration. That’s the Declaration supposedly to combat racism, xenophobia and related intolerance but that somehow manages to charge just one of the 192 UN members with racism, namely, Israel.
The Obama administration has given no indication that it will encourage EU allies to break ranks and boycott Durban III, by insisting on a vote on this resolution and voting against.
Second, the U.N. Human Rights Council is poised to hold an event in Geneva on June 15 also “in the context of the tenth anniversary of the Durban Declaration.” With the Obama administration on the Council it appears set to attend events over there hoping nobody will notice over here.
But the Council and U.N. High Commissioner Navi Pillay – a native of Durban and chief champion of the Durban Declaration – have planned a three-hour panel discussion featuring seven carefully-selected speakers. They include, for instance, extremist Mireille Fanon-Mendes. As recently as April 25 of this year, Fanon-Mendes told the “Electronic Intifada” that Israel was an apartheid state and she supported the first and second Palestinian intifadas as well as blockade-running flotillas and the international prosecution of Israelis as war criminals.
The Durban illness runs deep. The U.N. human rights system, led by the High Commissioner and Human Rights Council, has perverted the fight against racism into a fight against the Jewish state, a democratic freedom-loving home to more than a million Arabs and a bulwark against the ravages of anti-semitism for all Jews.
Remember that the streets of Durban pulsated with signs reading “for the liberation of Quds, machine guns based on FAITH and ISLAM must be used” and “the martyr’s blood irrigates the tree of revolution in Palestine,” while the gross intolerance inside the Durban meeting halls ended on September 8, 2001. Given the inextricable connection between hate and violence, shunning Durban III on September 22 in New York City just days after the tenth anniversary of 9/11 was a no-brainer.
Now comes the hard part. U.N. demonization of Israel serves to justify Palestinian rejection of negotiations and coexistence, which in turn fuels U.N. support of a unilateral declaration of Palestinian statehood.
The cycle will only be broken if Palestinians and their U.N. enablers are made to face real consequences for attempting to reap the rewards of hate-mongering.

For more United Nations coverage see
U.S. pulls out of Durban III: Behind the story: This article by Anne Bayefsky appears today on Fox News. via

The role of “civil” society in Durban I is best remembered for producing out-of-control NGO mobs. These gangs broke into the one NGO session on combating anti-Semitism, forcing it to end. After threats of violence, they necessitated the closure of the Durban Jewish Community Center, which had been the meeting place for Jewish NGOs attending the conference. They disrupted a press conference of Jewish NGOs who were seeking to raise alarm bells. They required Jewish representatives from all over the world to flee the final session with a police escort because their safety couldn’t be guaranteed if they remained. In the end, the alleged “anti-racism” NGO community deleted from their declaration multiple references to combating anti-Semitism and added that the self-determination of the Jewish people, or Zionism, was a form of racism.

The United Nations is planning to hold “Durban III” in New York City in September 2011, marking the tenth anniversary of the 2001 Durban conference, and the non-governmental forum which preceded it, held in Durban, South Africa in 2001.

Durban I produced the infamous Durban Declaration and Programme of Action (DDPA), which charges Israel with racism but names no other state in the world. Durban II, held in Geneva in April 2009, was headlined by Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who saw the occasion as ideal for issuing another denial of the Holocaust and an endorsement of genocide against the Jewish state. Timing Durban III for the annual opening of the General Assembly is meant to guarantee the extensive involvement of presidents and prime ministers, most of whom eluded organizers of Durban I and II.
The U.N. will now be marking the 10th anniversary of Durban I at the same time and place as the 10th anniversary of September 11, 2001. Durban I, the platform for violent, pro-terrorist, and anti-Semitic rhetoric that included such speakers as Yasser Arafat and Fidel Castro, ended just three days before 9/11.
The intergovernmental working group charged with preparing next year’s commemoration session just wrapped up its first planning meeting in Geneva. It adopted a series of “conclusions and recommendations” and indicated that Durban III is intended to “reaffirm that the DDPA provides the most comprehensive UN framework for combating racism.” The U.N. General Assembly is now occupied with the delicate matter of finalizing “the modalities” of Durban III, and New York-based diplomats are hard at work negotiating the details.

Cuba dissident Juan Wilfredo Soto ‘dies after arrest’

May 9, 2011

How is that SOCIALISM working for you?…Mr Soto died on Sunday in the central city of Santa Clara, fellow dissident Guillermo Farinas told the Associated Press news agency. He said Mr Soto had been detained and beaten on Thursday during an anti-government protest. via

The bitter taste of Socialism in Cuba

May 4, 2011
Media_httpwwwroasteco_gtrhrMedia_httpwwwhavanaco_fdavg(Havana) A few years ago, I had the pleasure to avail myself to the pleasures of drinking UN coffee…I can assure you it isn’t something to write home about. It was grown and packed in Bolivia, and drinking mud would have afforded better health benefits. Which is why a couple of times a week I would don body armour, pack my wee rucksack with enough rounds to start a war, a couple of ration packs, a few grenades, toilet paper and a book, in which to go out on patrol with the police just so I could purchase some decent coffee when they dropped into the nearest NATO base which had a shop. (Our camp didn’t have one, hence the UN coffee.) Of course, when word got around that I was off shopping, I would be undated with requests to buy coffee/biscuits (what is with squaddies and Hobnobs?) for those who couldn’t leave the base.

The point I’m trying to make here is that state sponsored coffee is crap and people will go to the ends of the earth in which to rectify the situation. (In my case, around 50 miles.)
Well, it seems that in the socialist paradise of Cuba, they can’t afford to provide the population with enough coffee to drink. (Ah, the pleasures of communism.) So in order to fill the shortfall, they have taken to adding ground up roasted peas in which to ensure that everybody gets to drink coffee during the day. I’ll bet anybody here that Fidel and his cronies don’t get to drink RedStarbucks’ finest blend.

Pittsburgh Pirates Relocating?

March 28, 2011

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Cuba gives Jewish-American aid worker 15-years in jail

March 13, 2011

US State Department, Conf. of Presidents and AJC condemn ruling on Alan Gross after Cuba accuses him of engaging in “subversive” activities.

Cuba sentenced Jewish-American aid contractor Alan P. Gross to 15 years in prison on Saturday for engaging in “subversive” activities, a decision which was strongly condemned by Washington.

Gross had been arrested by Cuban authorities last year and charged with secretly delivering satellite phones to the Jewish community on the island and entering the country on the wrong visa.

“We deplore this ruling,” Philip J. Crowley, the State Department spokesman was quoted by media as saying. “Alan Gross is a dedicated international development worker who has devoted his life to helping people in more than 50 countries. He was in Cuba to help the Cuban people connect with the rest of the world.” The Obama administration also condemned the ruling. “Today’s sentencing adds another injustice to Alan Gross’s ordeal,” Tommy Vietor, the US National Security Council spokesman said in a statement. “He has already spent too many days in detention and should not spend one more. We urge the immediate release of Mr. Gross so that he can return home to his wife and family.” Several Jewish groups including the Conference of Presidents of Major North American Organizations and the American Jewish Committee have petitioned Havana since his arrest calling for his immediate release. “We are disappointed that the prosecution presented Mr. Gross as attempting to destabilize the Cuban government when the project he was working on in Cuba was aimed at helping communication in the local Jewish community. As we mentioned in the appeal we sent to President of Cuba Raul Castro prior to the trial, Mr. Gross has managed multiple humanitarian projects around the world and believed he was advancing his humanitarian work in Cuba, Conference of Presidents Chairman Alan Solow and Executive Vice Chairman Malcolm Hoenlein said last week. Gross, 61, was convicted of “acts against the independence and territorial integrity of the state” for working to set up clandestine Internet networks for Cuba dissidents using “sophisticated” communications technology. Prosecutors sought a 20-year sentence for the longtime development worker, who has been jailed since his arrest in Havana on Dec. 3, 2009. U.S. officials had contended from the beginning that Gross was only setting up Internet access for the island’s small Jewish community. Few details of the trial have been released, but the television report said Gross told the court he had been “used and manipulated” by DAI, the Maryland-based company that had contracted him to work in Cuba. DAI had a contract from the US Agency for International Development (USAID) to conduct projects aimed at promoting political change on the Caribbean island. Since Gross was arrested speculation has been rife that he is being used as a bargaining card by Havana in return for several Cuban spies in US custody.

the left’s view of a legal system uses too much discretion.

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