Heather Jarvis AKA Pippi Longstocking of the SLUT WALK

August 13, 2011
@ Feministing:

…I always knew that Pippi Longstocking was this character who was an awkward looking redheaded girl, and I’m a redhead, and that’s something that I identified with before anything, including gender.

Let’s analyze who Pipi is: A girl that can have anything she wants. She has SUPER HUMAN strength… and she can beat up BOYS! Before she had any interest in gender, Heather Jarvis in her childhood had interests in being anti-social. Before she had any knowledge of rape or abuse or any type of social injustice, she had fantasies of bullying the boys around her. hmmm! Is she really into social justice or is she really acting out a childhood fantasy? Below is a still of the Slut Walk leader Heather Jarvis


Obviously the Feminist Nazis at Feministing are OFF to a predictable rant

June 12, 2011

there were complaints on a feminist blog…

why did you use this video *on a feminist site* as a chance to air your ‘joke-stereotypes’ of Jewish women — as nagging, manipulative, overbearing shrews with poor health (and some connection to a ‘Jewish lobby’)? It’s totally gratuitous. via Kh-L comment @ feministing.com

here is the quote:

Because Jewish mothers like to bug their kids about hurrying up and getting married and giving me some grandchildren already before I die because I’m not going to be around forever you know my health isn’t what it used to be, and right now the New York state legislature is standing in the way of that.
 Seven years after founding Feministing, Jessica Valenti (one of the most well-known femisogynists) announced that she was leaving the blog she created. Besides being busy with other projects, she’s 32 now, which is like, totally old, and Feministing is only for young femisogynists. And everyone knows that 32 is practically grandma territory. And while Valenti said she would still be involved in an advisory capacity, her departure caused much sadness and sorrow among lefty feminists in the blogosphere. via NewsReal

the new staff seems to hit the Perez Hilton Gay Nazi crowd.