J£w$ Got Mon€¥ #JewsGotMoney

April 11, 2013
(simply) …A non-Jewish documentary director Sasha Andreas produced a movie titled Jews Got Money?, dedicated to these other Jews – the ones who didn’t get any money. (Read this article) about the movie. Did you know that one in five Jewish persons in New York lives in poverty? If you didn’t, you are not alone: the common stereotype all around the world is that “Jews got money.” This is exactly the cliché that our upcoming documentary by the same title hopes to debunk.

The Chuck Hagel Bankster Connections

January 8, 2013
The Chuck Hagel Bankster Connections.HT: EconomicPolicyJournal.(many faces in many places)The nomination of Chuck Hagel has prompted an email response from Alan P. at PEU Report. He writes to EPJ:

Pentagon nominee Chuck Hagel has his own PEU ties. I’ve yet to see the media report them.

Alan, also, provided a link to his post, Chuck Hagel PEU, which details how Hagel has been keeping himself busy with his bankster ties.
In his post, Alan notes that Hagel sits on the advisory board of Corsair Capital. a private equity underwriter (PEU) focused on the financial services industry. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Chevron Corporation and Zurich’s Holding Company of America; and the Advisory Board of Deutsche Bank America, and is a Senior Advisor to Gallup.
Most noteworthy, Hagel is a director of Wolfensohn and Company. The company is founded by global operator James Wolfensohn. After Paul Volcker left the Federal Reserve to cash in, he chose to go with Wolfensohn’s predecessor firm as a senior partner. Wolfensohn sold the predecessor firm when he became president of the World Bank.
In 2005, upon leaving as president of the World Bank, he founded Wolfensohn and Company, LLC, where Hagel is a director. The firm is privately held firm that invests, and provides strategic consulting advice to governments and large corporations doing business, in emerging market economies.
Since 2006, Wolfensohn has also been the chairman of the International Advisory Board of Citigroup.
In 2009, he became a member of the International Advisory Council of the Chinese sovereign wealth fund China Investment Corporation.
Bottom line, Hagel is operating at the core of crony corporate America and the expanding empire, if he is that close to Wolfensohn.
Neoconservatives and and gay rights groups are up in arms about some of Hagel’s comments in the past about Israel and gays, but Hagel is a major insider. The empire will continue to expand under him, if he becomes Defense Secretary. For the real insiders, the Israel controversy and the gay comments are surface skirmishes, what the Hagel nomination is really about is a major league bankster heading the DOD, and in the end that means its about huge crony $$$$.Read the full story here.

That Chevron board essentially means oil money that is loyal to Saudi interests. Actually that is surprising since Hagel appears to be lenient with Shia interests like Iran and Hezbollah and their allies in Asia like Russia and China.

[UPDATED] Red Sox Analysis FAIL! Federal Reserve Bank Analysis FAIL! Climate Change Analysis FAIL!

October 1, 2011
Israeli economy grows at double the expected rate

…better then the Red Sox…

Iron Dome intercepts rocket
fired from Gaza for first time

Opening Day Baseball in Israel:
Iron Dome goes three for four

from the Future of Capitalism!
The following was published (April 9th 2011) during the first week of the baseball season: Major League Baseball plays a long season, and the Red Sox may yet turn it around after losing seven games and winning just one in their first eight. But at the moment. it’s not looking so good for the “experts.” Sports Illustrated predicted the Red Sox would win 100 games and win the World Series. At ESPN, 33 of its 45 pundits predicted the Red Sox would win the World Series.…If it’s this hard to predict baseball, imagine how hard it is to forecast developments in other complex systems. The Federal Reserve tries to fine-tune the performance of the nation’s economy through monetary policy.
Climatologists try to forecast how warm it will be 50 or 100 years from now and what that will do to sea levels. Predictions in complex systems are hard. That doesn’t mean they should never be attempted or acted upon, just that they should be treated with the skepticism they deserve. DOUBLE CHOKE! A Mad World: by Gary Jules:

Ron Paul: Where’s my gold bars?

June 18, 2011

Once_the_Federal_Reserve was transparent it was found that the Rothchilds and the elders of Zion had nothing to do with banking at all. The public went into a panic when they realized that all the covert buying and selling was done by the Oompa-Loompas.

Are the gold bars in Fort Knox really made of the precious metal? Or has the U.S. government secretly sold off the nation’s stockpile and replaced it with metal bars that are only painted gold?
Ron Paul wants to find out.
Giving legitimacy to an Internet conspiracy theory that the gold in Fort Knox is fake, the iconoclast Republican congressman from Texas has asked adminstration officials to audit the purity of the nation’s 700,000 gold bars held in Fort Knox, according to an internal Treasury document obtained by CNBC.

The Treasury document says it would cost about $15 million to conduct an audit. The process would take about 30 minutes to verify the gold content of each bar, or 350,000 man hours; to do that would would take 400 people working for six months, according to the document.

Really, you should save the money. If this guy become president, he may need it.

The Hypocrisy of Congressman Ron Paul

April 14, 2010
q: how many Ron Paul loyalists does it take to screw in a light bulb? a: thousands so far say it isn’t in the budget, but they earmarked it for their districts anyway.
In his interview on Meet the Press, Ron Paul compared earmarks to tax credits
image to left is the Ooompa Loompas in the Federal Reserve.  Imagine all those Ron Paul people who thought it was the Elders of Zion and the Rothchilds

the biggest conspiracy of all is that there are no checks and balances in the finance system because of incompetence on the part of the electorate to get anything done on a systematic level. Paul’s biggest fear would be no evil to be found.

In the past Ron Paul has never been on my radar. Sure there were the anti-black/ anti-Semitic Newsletters which were published under his name (which he claimed he never read). And yes there were those really whacko public statements like; the federal reserve was behind Watergate, that Lincoln was wrong to push us into a Civil War over slavery, or his assertion that condemning the HAMAS terrorist rocket attacks promotes violence. But those items only suggest that the Texas Republican Congressman is a bigot as well as a bit of a lunatic, which not bad by today’s congressional standards.
Ron Paul is believed to be a “fiscal conservative” and if you ask him he will tell you that he has never voted for an earmark. That statement is 100% correct. What Paul does is make sure that he earmarks that he wants are put in a bill, and then votes against the bill. Its the best of all possible worlds. He gets to bring home the bacon on a local basis and makes the anti-earmark claim on a national basis.
In fiscal 2009 Ron Paul sponsored or co-sponsored 23 earmarks totaling $80,775,750 ranking him the 33rd highest out of 435 representatives. (source: Open Secrets):

Last April Paul appeared on Neil Cavuto’s Fox News show to defend his earmarks.

CAVUTO:Congressman, the rap is that you’re a porker, that — that a lot of pork, $73 million-plus, went to your district. Is that true?

REP. RON PAUL, R-TEXAS: Well, it might be. But I think you’re missing the whole point. I have never voted for an earmark. I voted against all appropriation bills. So, this whole thing about earmarks is totally misunderstood.

The Congressman believes that the earmarks are just fine as long as he is open about them. It reminds one of the Gangster Big Julie, a character in the musical  Guys & Dolls, who best line in the play was

“Well, I used to be bad when I was a kid, but ever since then I’ve gone straight, as has been proved by my record: Thirty-three arrests and no convictions!”

These earmarks may very well be legitimate programs, but by specifying the location and the recipient of the program there is no thought given to “is this the most efficient place to house this program?” Money can be sent to a place that does not have the best resources or personnel to implement the earmark, causing a program to be more expensive than if it were done in someone district of a different congressman.
Paul may be very transparent about the hypocrisy of requesting an earmark then voting against the bill (because he knows it will pass), but his twisted logic doesn’t make it any less hypocritical. 
Whenever I post something negative about Ron Paul (which is just about every time I post about him), I get the NASTIEST comments and emails. He doesn’t have a lot of supporters but those that do are very well organized and support him do so with a passion. When I saw them at CPAC, Paul supporters reminded me of those wide-eyed cult members that used to panhandle at airports.  That wasn’t particularly bothersome, after all people should have some passion. Problem is Ron Paul does not represent himself truthfully. Along with his history of being a “drooling crazy” type and a bigot, the man is the typical Washington DC spin-master, saying one thing but doing another. He has a good script but frankly we have all seen that movie before and it got old a long time ago.

thanks for keeping it real Sammy.
as a college kid of the early 90s the first attempt to indoctrinate me into his cult was around 1992.
(1) there are better ways then the Gold Standard to bring a realistic and fair market that is not virtual.
(2) his personal attacks on Israel are disturbing. one argument that the Paul people bring up is that the earmarks a very small part of our economy. They are correct… they are… in fact those earmarks are greater then the money given to Israel to help America fight terrorism. This is a correlative that is rarely brought up.
(3) as for the FED… that is right… we don’t know what is going on. if we did… we would panic. that is why it is set up the way it is. I’m all for accountability, but obviously there needs to be a certain economic clergy who are also scrutinized systematically. our government is all about checks and balances. That doesn’t always mean it is completely transparent.

a so called isolationist arbitrarily wants to have free trade with Iran?  I might support him if he were consistent… but he isn’t. 

“While some of Ron Paul’s supporters tried to claim that he would leave Israel, because he believes in respecting the sovereignty of other countries, in fact he attacked Israel for going after its kidnapped soldiers, something that was not taking place inside US borders. Essentially Paul was making the same argument then that Obama is making today, that Israel’s actions affect the US, which gives him the right to demand that Israel stop defending itself.”

not exactly a non interventionist either.  just orchestrated prejudice.

his son Rand Paul has endorsed Adam Kokesh, which means getting in bed with Code Pink, a radical left wing org tied to Obama and Hamas of all things.

and strangely Paul is on Russian TV all the time.  is he getting paid by foreign interests?  I can’t prove it, but free trade with Iran sounds like someone is paying him something under the table.

forget all the hogwash and the theory… the Gold Standard was proven wrong by Ronald Reagan and there are better non virtual stabilizers.

forget all the racist papers written in his name that we are to assume that he was just naive.

forget the pictures with Stormfront’s Don Black and family

forget it all and you still have a hypocrite who pushes a double standard on http://xrl.us/Earmarks

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transparent FED

February 24, 2010

No one realized that Ron Paul was really a Leprechaun scheming to get his gold back. Once the Federal Reserve was transparent it was found that the Rothchilds and the elders of Zion had nothing to do with banking at all. The public went into a panic when they found that all the covert buying and selling was done by the Oompa-Loompas.

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) made “absolutely bizarre” allegations about the Federal Reserve’s involvement in Iraqi weapons deals and the Watergate scandal, chairman Ben Bernanke said Wednesday.
Bernanke appeared before the House Financial Services Committee earlier in the day to deliver testimony.

Paul, a libertarian Republican who opposes the Fed, said that the Fed issued a $5.5 billion loan to Saddam Hussein’s regime to buy U.S. weapons during the Iran-Iraq War.
“It has been reported in the past that in the 1980s, the Fed facilitated a $5.5 billion to Saddam Hussein and he then bought weapons from our military industrial complex,” he said.

He also said that cash used in the Watergate scandal “came through” the Fed.

Paul made his remarks in support of his effort to audit the Fed’s monetary activity.
“Well, congressman, these specific allegations you’ve made, I think are absolutely bizarre and I have absolutely no knowledge of anything like what you’ve just described,” Bernanke replied.

Bernanke also explained that Congress is already permitted the Fed’s loans and internal memos five years after they take place.

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where I agree with Marxism and doubt Capitalism

October 21, 2009

I agree with Marx that class struggle is inherent, but disagree in that this struggle is usually a bad thing and misplaced. I do not await a revolution in linear messianic framework. Internationalist Libertarianism like what Ron Paul is talking about fails to take that libinal factor into account. We used to say Communism failed because it didn’t take desire into account, I never thought I’d see the day where I would say the same thing about Capitalism. the nature of internationalist greed is to monopolize the resources.

systemaztize onto a gold standard and create a trading free for all and then you get haves and have nots that will be sexually inclined to blow the system up. the best way to keep the system from cannibalizing is to create a financial currency that reflects all resources and pulls away from the symbolic power of either an arbitrary Federal Reserve or the virtual concept of “Gold” which is not running influence beyond it’s symbolism. Petrol exchanges will motivate people to search for alternative equivalences. It is also important to only trade with Republics that are deserving. Ron Paul seems to see the solution to Iran is to trade with our enemy. The only reason I could see this being a desire is because Paul benefits outside of our borders. Watching Paul on Russian Television does not increase my confidence. What keeps Capitalism’s engine running is a Republic with it’s checks and balances, not an internationalist free for all that trades with every backwards dictatorship.

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