facebook public listing is gone

January 29, 2008

they know I can get friends from elsewhere to come here.

they don’t like my aggressive social nature.
they know I have a marketing history…

it’s about money. my public listing is gone.
go to my profile when you log out of facebook

they are doing everything they can to make life difficult because they know they’re arguments don’t hold water and that I have enough of a public personality that discriminating against myself would hurt they’re company…

I am certain they have labeled myself a problem case… because my art upsets the Volvo soccer crowd and I aggressively go out and showcase it.

Why would I be paranoid. Because I’m not an idiot. I know my work is offensive to those with a certain agenda. Conservative and Blue state… they both have a propaganda agenda I don’t meet.

….hmmm it just flickered back on again. Been doing this for a few days.
I still have my suspicions. facebook just has been continually suspicious