Støre does not want Assad to go

August 12, 2011

Whether or not Norway says he [Assad] must step down, does not decide how long he will be sitting, says Støre. That was witty? According to a doctoral thesis, the Norwegian model for conflict resolution lies in the then perceived successful resolution of the Eritrean-Ethiopian war, where Norway for the first time gave NGO’s a prominent, if not decisive role in conflict resolution. The problem with this, as was eminently underlined in a radio-program on the hunger catastrophe in Somalia on NRK 2 program Ekko, is that Eritrea has become the North Korea of the African continent, and where the hunger has hit harder than in the relatively more open Somalia. Norway simply dropped the long term work of resolving the fundamental ethnic tensions in “post-war” Eritrea, and may even have contributed to the impossible political and humanitarian situation by taking a short term and superficial approach to the situation on the ground. MORE from Norway!

The world has to deal with an incompetent theory of diplomacy because the Eritreans starved into submission? The argument I suppose is that it worked and therefor everyone else has to be held to that standard. We say it a lot that Leftists tend to compare UNLIKE things, but sometimes these incomparable concepts are amusing. Meanwhile, Africa starves while it’s leaders worry about Gaza. Wonder where they got that idea?