Abbas Asking For US Forces to Supposedly Defend Palestinian State From Israeli Invasion, Permanent NATO Bases in Peace Deal

May 21, 2010
Fayyad said that Abbas had also said that he would perhaps even agree to an international troops presence like that on the Israel-Egypt border and the Israel-Lebanon border.

So called peace according to Fatah of Palestine would imply that NATO and the U.S. have sovereignty over Israel over the protection of it’s borders. Translation: Of course Fatah is like negotiating with no one, so essentially the deal means Israel can no longer protect itself and Palestine does not follow it’s own promises.

(JPost)The Palestinian Authority is considering allowing the permanent stationing of NATO forces in the future Palestinian state, London-based pan-Arab daily Al-Quds al-Arabi reported Palestinian sources saying Wednesday.
The NATO forces would be able to prevent arms smuggling into the future state and to monitor that it would remain demilitarized.
Under any peace agreement likely to be formulated between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Israel would expect the Palestinian entity to remain demilitarized.
The Palestinian Authority will also ask NATO and the US to commit to “defending the Palestinian state from Israel,” were relations to break down and were Israel to threaten the future Palestinian state with invasion, the report said.
US envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell is meeting with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas Wednesday afternoon. According to the report, Abbas would be making this offer and request in the meeting

PLO negotiating chief Saeb Eriqat has denied news that the Palestinians have agreed to a NATO presence on the soil of the Palestinian state that is to be established.
The NATO presence would be deployed to defend the state, oversee its borders and crossing points, and prevent the entrance of weapons, since the state is to be demilitarized.