Decades of mismanagement have left our forests vulnerable to terrorism

August 29, 2013

if you don’t weed out a little then you get a chaos that is not reflective of untouched nature

Smokey Bear told us: “Only we can prevent forest fires.” But behind him was a vast and growing firefighting bureaucracy, equipped with fleets of heavy equipment, aerial tankers, helicopters and satellite guided workforces. 

This firefighting juggernaut has not only crushed many would be disastrous fires over the years, but many beneficial ones as well.

Many of the forests protected by these fire fighting efforts have also been shielded from best forest management practices.  In the name of restoring our forests to their former pre-mankind condition, man was taken out of the equation. As a result, many of our forests are unnaturally overgrown with decades of underbrush, dry branches and millions of disease ridden trees.  

But the west is now on fire and reports say some of these fires have been caused by arson. This  leads many to believe that America’s national security Achilles heel,  is it’s tinder dry, over protected, overgrown forests, which can instantly be transformed into mega-fires with one match.

The Lake Tahoe basin which sits on the border of California and Nevada was managed by a maze of bureaucratic environmental agencies.  Through ineptitude, these agencies did not allow property owners to even hand clean brush on their property, in the fear that it would intrude on the “natural state” of the forest.

As a result of this idiotic forest management practice, the area was consumed by a mega fire which burned down 253 homes and consumed 3,100 acres……This is just 1 small forest area out of hundreds of thousands of square miles being subjected to the same or similar practices. 

But there is a solution to the madness which has proven over and over again to work.  When these rampaging fires reach privately managed forest land, they are checked.

Privately owned or leased forests, are maintained to produce a healthy vibrant environment which can in turn, be used to harvest timber and forest products.  They are in the business of having forests of healthy trees and do what’s necessary to make them that way.

I spoke to Tom Ray, vice president of northwest resources for Plum Creek Corporation. Plum Creek is the largest and most geographically diverse private timberland owner in the United States with approximately 6.6 million acres of timber in major timber producing regions of the country.

Tom helps manage his company’s land according to the Sustainable Forest Initiative, which looks out for the best long term care of their forests.  These practices include thinning-harvesting of timber and brush clearing as necessary. 

Managing the land in a healthy vibrant condition is good for the forests as well as for the owners of the property.

Tom said out of control fires on public lands that have swept into managed forests, have been stopped.  The fire intensity lessened due to the availability of less fuel and the presence of access roads on managed forests allowed personnel to reach the fires.

Much of Plum Creeks 6.6 million acres of land is open to the public for recreation purposes as well, showing that private forest land management is compatible with public use.

When you look at the ability of just one corporation to successfully manage 6.6 million acres of forest land, it doesn’t take much to wonder why some of these practices aren’t transferred to our national and state forestlands.  After all, the public can have access to these privately managed lands that are not dry diseased tinderboxes.

Peter Kolb, Associate Professor of Forest management at the University of Montana has been observing the effects of public policies affecting forests across the Northern Rockies for years.

Kolb has determined that forests can benefit from well planned and thoughtful tree harvesting in order to help revitalize forest landscapes that have become homogenized by a combination of past climatic phases and fire suppression, which produce mega fires. 

He feels it is best to create a forest with greater species and structural diversity using a combination of thinning and irregular sized” patch” cuts.   These types of mosaics in the forest have been shown to provide firebreaks, good habitat enhancement for wildlife and a birthplace for a new generation of trees. 

Such management emulates historic natural process and forests can be made more resilient and functional for the future…. This is the definition of conservation – “to keep “functioning” rather than “restoration” which is to bring back to the way it was.

But many conservation groups seem to be stuck with the outdated concept of bringing forests back to a snapshot of 200 years ago

Perhaps we should be focusing more on what it will take to keep forests healthy and functional in the future.  It seems obvious that the hands-off approach is not working all that well, and costing us an enormous federal bankroll we can ill afford. 

Private companies could provide active forest management more consistent with conservation, and at no cost.  But rather could provide tax revenue and jobs, in exchange for harvesting some timber across the vast national forests of the west.   

Forestry, logging and science, have come a long way over the decades, it’s time to move into the future and allow a different paradigm to take over.  It’s time to help our forests cope with changes in climate and the wildfires and insect outbreaks that come with them in unprecedented destructive waves.

Green Fail: New York Metro Gives Up on Hybrid Busses

July 5, 2013
In a reversal of greenism, Michael Bloomberg’s New York Metropolitan Transit Agency is giving up on hybrid transportation. The city with the mayor nicknamed “Nanny Bloomberg” may be stumping for all sorts of chic, activist causes, from the campaign to rid us of our Second Amendment rights, to the elimination of trans fats in our foods, to the downsizing of soda portions, but one cause the city is souring on is hybrid busses. The New York Post reports that the city hasn’t bought a new hybrid buss in three years and is now moving to retrofit many of the ones it has with diesel engines. The MTA is reporting that it will retrofit 389 hybrid electric busses with diesel engines because the hybrid engines are too unreliable and too expensive to repair. “The electric-traction motors are burning out. They’re so expensive to replace that it’ll be cheaper to stick a diesel engine in there,” a source inside the MTA told the Post. MTA officials also point out that new diesel engines are at least as fuel-efficient as the hybrids are these days, so the savings in fuel is no longer a chief selling point for new hybrids. But, despite the new efficiency of the diesel engines on the market today, it is the cost of repairs that is driving the retrofits. As it happens, the five-year warrantee is about to run out on many units of New York’s hybrid bus fleet and repair costs will soon devolve from the manufacturer to the city. The costs for maintenance will skyrocket. About 1,677 out of the MTA’s fleet of 5,719 busses are hybrids. 

Famed Environmentalist Celebrates New Year in Australia, Then Hops Private Jet to Vegas For More Festivities

January 2, 2013

Nothing like being exposed as a total fraud. From his green cred bio:

A committed environmentalist, DiCaprio has received praise from environmental groups for opting to fly on commercial flights instead of chartering private jets, which use more fuel.

That was then, this is now:

Leo DiCaprio and his “Wolf of Wall Street” co-star Jonah Hill racked up some impressive air miles for their New Year’s celebrations — cheering in the New Year in both Sydney and Vegas. The actors were spotted partying on a boat with a group of attractive bikini-clad women while cruising Sydney Harbor on Saturday. The pair flew from Australia to Vegas on a chartered 747 along with stars including Jamie Foxx, Kevin Connolly and Leo’s latest love, Margot Robbie. A source tells us, “They partied at Marquee Star Lounge Sydney and left at 1 a.m. Australia time, flew 13 hours to Vegas, arriving at 10 p.m. to Vegas, and went to Lavo to watch the fireworks.” Leo and his crew later partied at Marquee until the early hours.

So in less than a day he flew a private jet across the globe just so he could party. We don’t want to hear another goddamn word about “saving the planet” from this fraud.

Environmentalist Movie Funded by Oil-Rich Royalty

September 28, 2012
Matt Damon / AP
(BY: – image Matt Damon / AP) Matt Damon turned to oil-rich Middle East royalty to finance his film attacking domestically produced natural gas.

The environmentalist screed, Promised Land, received a chunk of its funding from the United Arab Emirates, an oil kingdom known for its lavish spending on man-made islands and the world’s tallest building, according to the Heritage Foundation.

The creators of Promised Land have gone to absurd lengths to vilify oil and gas companies, as Scribe’s Michael Sandoval noted Wednesday. Since recent events have demonstrated the relative environmental soundness of hydraulic fracturing – a technique for extracting oil and gas from shale formations – Promised Land’s script has been altered to make doom-saying environmentalists the tools of oil companies attempting to discredit legitimate “fracking” concerns. …
Promised Land was also produced “in association with” Image Media Abu Dhabi, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Media, according to the preview’s list of credits. A spokesperson with DDA Public Relations, which is running PR for the film, confirmed that AD Media is a financier. The company is wholly owned by the government of the UAE.

An ever-growing market for domestic fracking threatens dependence on foreign oil from the likes of UAE and OPEC.

A strong global market presence for American natural gas could also work to the UAE’s disadvantage. The Arab nation ranks seventh worldwide in proven natural gas reserves. For instance, Japan’s energy imports are expected to rise significantly over the next five years. The country is currently a major importer of UAE natural gas. If it decided to import more LNG from the United States to accommodate its increased energy demands, it could deal a blow to the UAE economy. …
All of this suggests a direct financial interest on the UAE’s part in slowing the development of America’s natural gas industry. Pop culture can be a powerful means to sway public opinion. While Promised Land, like anti-fracking documentary Gasland, appears to inflate the dangers of hydraulic fracturing, it may have an impact on the public’s view of the practice.

Matt Damon is a longtime Democratic partisan. Though he has voiced criticisms of Barack Obama, he donated $4,600 in 2008 to then-candidate Obama. Damon also co-hosted a star-studded fundraiser for Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren in Hollywood that netted the “Native American” candidate $250,000.

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This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Green movement. It isn’t just that the UAE is doing this for biz reasons (there are plenty of places that want to buy energy that don’t care about Green Tech). The reason the UAE is doing this is for public relations reasons. America needs to be autonomous of this public relations culture on the surface that reveals hardline tyranny.
PS: wasn’t it Mother Jones who showcased Carter’s video of Romney? and what totalitarian regimes did Mother Jones Rep? For starters Muammar Kaddaffi. Why are we falling for this? Why is it offensive to shout out the truth?

Gaddafi Dead: Will the Great Man Made River Follow?

October 24, 2011

(Green Prophet) Gaddafi’s grand ecological projects, including The Great Man Made River and the mid-Sahara pivot irrigation farming projects. …The artificial river project was already bringing millions of gallons of fresh water from a large prehistoric underground reservoir, formed in a previous Ice Age, and located in an area where it was once green and various species of African plains animals roamed freely – as well as the peoples who hunted them. Began in the early 1980s, and built at a cost of more than $33 billion USD, the GMMR project involved pumping “fossilized” water from depths of more than 500 meters, purifying it, and then sending the water to the country’s major population areas. Along the way, some of the water has been diverted to the pivot irrigation projects which have been growing a number of crops, including grains, fruits and vegetables, and animal fodder.

How does anyone benefit from Muammar Gaddafi’s demise?

the only children who benefit are the spawn of green technology executives

June 5, 2011

The people rally to protest against closing firehouses, and the mayor hears ‘Fire Island’ and goes to deliver a speech on gay marriage. “Should government permit men and women of the same sex to marry?” he asks. Why not. We’ve got some empty firehouses they can get married in. Sultan Knish and image via UTNE: Why Are Gays Greener?, Cup Cake Blog and Jag9889

Turkish Scientist Could Be Jailed For Publishing Report on Poisonous Metals in Babies, Mothers’ Milk

May 27, 2011

Professor Onur Hamzaoğlu could face jail time for publishing a report that found poisonous metals in the systems of Turkish townsfolk. But he is “not afraid,” he tells Green Prophet in an exclusive interview.
Earlier this week, officials from the Turkish province of Kocaeli filed a complaint against Hamzaoğlu for inciting “fear and panic” amongst locals. Hamzaoğlu had indeed published something fearful and alarming: a study showing high levels of heavy metals, such as arsenic, mercury, and lead, in samples of infant feces and mother’s milk from the town of Dilovası.
According to the abstract of the study, it aimed to measure the levels of heavy metals in the population and figure out how it could affect the DNA of newborns.
But as reward for bringing this disturbing information to light, Hamzaoğlu is now being investigated by his employer, Kocaeli University. He could also face a court hearing, and a sentence of several years in prison, if the university decides to turn his case over to the public prosecutor.
“Politicians of local governments and the Council of Higher Education (YOK) [put] pressure on the universities” in Turkey, Hamzaoğlu tells Green Prophet. He acknowledges that Turkey’s treatment of scientists who publish disturbing findings casts it in a negative light, particularly in the context of the European Union, which Turkey’s leaders – publicly, at least – say they hope to join.
While most European countries are trying to move away from dirty industries and seek cleaner forms of energy and fuel, Hamzaoğlu says Turkey is “moving to high pollution factories, such as… cement, paint, and iron and steel.”
The local picture
Dilovası is a stark illustration of this. According to Hamzaoğlu, the province of Kocaeli has been the site of 15 percent of Turkey’s cumulative manufacturing industry over the past decade. The main sectors include chemical products, metal products, and basic metals, so it’s little surprise that traces of these are showing up in the air of the region and the bodies of its residents.
Two highways pass through Dilovası itself, and the center of the town is an official industrial zone comprising 174 companies. Thirteen percent of the firms in Dilovası operate metal factories, and 11 percent are within the paint and chemical sectors.
“In summary, the problems are happening in front of everyone’s eyes,” says Hamzaoğlu.
In the nearby town of Kandıra, where there is practically no industrial activity, cancer rates are far lower than in Dilovası, according to Hamzaoğlu’s report.
The research and the backlash
Hamzaoğlu is head of the public health department at Kocaeli University. Therefore, he says, “my basic task is to determine [the] health problems of populations and reasons of the problems, and produce solutions.”

Ecological Intifada

Piece Activist

Jooos Good For Terrorists to POOP ON!

That’s why he looked at samples of the purest, most basic fluids that come from babies and mothers: infant meconium, or the earliest stool of an infant, and colostrum, the concentrated milk rich in antibodies that mothers produce until their children are at least a few days old. In addition to arsenic, mercury, and lead, Hamzaoğlu found trace amounts of copper, aluminum, zinc, cadmium, and iron in the samples.
Kocaeli University will likely hand down a decision on Hamzaoğlu’s case in the next few months. If the university chooses to turn his case over to the public prosecutor, he will face more investigations and a possible prison term of two to four years.


The Roman Empire fell because everyone went RETARDED…. perhaps this explains the flotilla thing they are sending to Israel.