Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s Final Appearance on ‘The View’

July 11, 2013
(She’s joining Fox News, replacing Gretchen Carlson on “Fox and Friends.” (Carlson is moving to her own show later in the day.) London’s Daily Mail reports, “Elisabeth Hasselbeck makes teary last appearance on The View after announcing abrupt departure to Fox News” )

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Supports Gays in the Military

February 10, 2010

Airhead faux-conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck of ABC’s anti-male hag-fest, “The View,” isn’t just about outing Federal Air Marshals to Islamic terrorists. She also supports allowing gays to be out in the open in the U.S. military, because–she claims–it’s all about their ability to “be free.” See the video below and see how many times she and fellow ditz Meghan McCain use the word “like” (hint: so many times, it could be a great drinking game). She’s for ending “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” which would be a big mistake.

Um, no, our military is about defending our country, not about gays’ ability to be free inside a military organization. It’s about keeping the rest of us free. There are many freedoms soldiers give up to serve. And not allowing free and open homosexuality in the military is about the cohesion of the unit. It’s the same issue with women in the military, especially in places like ships, where whole ships of military chicks need to be sent home at taxpayer expense because they end up pregnant. Straight men in the military don’t wanna be sleeping next to guys who wanna sleep with them. But the thought hasn’t occurred to Ms. Vacant. Nor thought, period.

What you do in your bed and behind closed doors is your business. But what you do in tight quarters on the taxpayer dole with everyone watching isn’t. It’s not just everyone’s biz, it’s a national security issue. Bret Stephens has a great column in today’s Wall Street Journal about gays in the military and responds to many argument the libs put forth. At the same time, he also discusses how it hasn’t hampered the Israeli Defense Forces to have openly gay soldiers. (But we’re not Israel, even if both are liberal western democracies.) It’s a pretty good analysis, even if I don’t agree with all of it.

I’m wondering what stat leads “The View” to the idea that the military wants this? Shouldn’t they at least reference this information for the rest of us who don’t have an inside track of what is going on? They just made this up and expect us to all nod our head and agree. forget the politics here and just think about what kind of shoddy information is being distributed here. it isn’t just an oops moment. They just spoke for all of the armed service men. the best analysis on sexuality to this day still remains in Freud’s pen because he never had the presumption to control the experiment like Gloria Steinem’s friends do. he merely wrote down the experience and that is why Freud is still useful today. it is why Freud is still talked about… even when he is wrong. These people on this TV show think their “VIEW” is their opinion. Your “VIEW” starts with what you see, not how you interpret what you saw. My personal take is that, “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” is a disaster. I differ with Sarah Palin who pardon my French doesn’t have any balls to say the reality that sexuality in the military doesn’t mix. does anyone remember Abu Gharaib? the social left condemns Abu Gharaib, but was not that a homosexual act in the military? Nothing like that ever surfaced before and photography is one hundred years old. this is mass sexual hysteria. It isn’t like Gay people are financially burdened as an segment group either. It is the straight men that really need the military for financial reasons… not that affirmative action should lead decisions, but still considering the amount of meat and potatoes guys out of work, this is unfair. just because there are gay men in the military already doing well for themselves doesn’t mean they are not hurting people around them. Funny the way everyone is so keen on diversity and tolerance, but you can’t respect difference until you understand what different is. I love gay people. I respect them as well. I want to see them do well, but I don’t want to be naked in the same shower with them. women don’t want men looking at them naked, but most ladies in the Blue States are trying to force gay men into the military. It is so wrong. The military is a team effort. being able to shoot a gun well is not as important as contribution to the team. No skill is as important as the team. the team gets demoralized by sexuality. In the end… it comes down to the majority of the military to decide. they are the ones to sacrifice their lives and they should be honest with what they want and what they are thinking about. Perhaps it is better to allow the military to do what was working before they became sexually confused. we used to win wars with the good old boys.