Media Covers Up Arab Stalker and Stabber

August 13, 2010
Elias Abuelazam, the serial stabber, is one of ours!…
 Well, kind of….

The BBC online, known for slanting its coverage against Israel, titled its story “Israeli man held in airport over US serial stabbings.” The story that followed describes the suspect as an “Israeli citizen” without mentioning that he is Arab.

MSNBC’s online report, “Israeli held in investigation of serial stabbings” mentioned his Israeli connection four times in the article, but never indicated that he was Arab.

NPR mentioned his Israeli connection in the body of its report, though not in its headline. It omitted his Arab ethnicity.

In contrast, ABC News identified the suspect as an Israeli-Arab in its first sentence. More often there was a lack of precision. CNN and Fox merely informed readers that he was attempting to fly to Israel.

from Camera.Org

It looks like:

Abuelazam is suspected in 20 18 stabbings (investigators have revised the number,) five of which were fatal. Most of the victims were black but there were Hispanic and white people stabbed as well.

Since most of the victims were black, law enforcement officials suspected the stabbings were related to race. But that, again, was just a theory. The police could produce a different theory now that they have a suspect.

Meanwhile our local press wasn’t asleep on the job, and dug up a few more details:

  • The real name of the character is Elias Abu El-Azam.
  • He comes from an Arab Christian family in the city of Ramle.
  • He left Israel for US as a kid and visited Israel quite frequently.
  • A few months ago he got into trouble in Israel (a fight with a friend) and left immediately.
  • People who met him describe him as a huge man with an intimidating presence.
  • His ex, Jessica, is in shock, was overwhelmed by the news.
  • While in Ramle, he staid in his mother’s house, didn’t have a permanent employment, was supported by his mom and was frequently involved in fights.
  • He has a considerable criminal record in US.
  • Er… as far as I am concerned, the US authorities are welcome to keep him.

As for the question asked by a blogger here:

Are you surprised that the suspect is an Israeli and not some idiot from a hate group that thinks they’re better than everyone else?

I would answer by another question (as Jooish tradition prescribes): why, can’t an Israeli be an idiot from a hate group?

…just in case this is brought up… Son of Sam was *adopted* into a Jewish family. Today he is a born again Christian

While much of the media reported the story fairly straight, some media sources who habitually portray Israel negatively tended to conceal the suspect’s Arab identity while emblazening his Israeli connection in their headline.

from Camera.Org