Obama Threats To Israel Continue. Time to fight back!

May 22, 2010

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In the aftermath of World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder’s Open Letter to President Obama, the Obama administration softened its public attitude toward Israel. Mr. Lauder’s letter caused such an uproar in the United States and abroad that the White House felt it had to reaffirm its supposed support for Israel. Even the President got into the act. He wrote a letter to a Jewish leader from Chicago (an old chum) saying he is a strong and resolute friend of Israel. He did not write to Mr. Lauder or Ed Koch or Eli Wiesel because he was undoubtedly concerned that these critics would have responded to his meaningless platitudes.

President Obama‘s letter did not placate his Jewish critics but it did bring a lull in the exchange with the Jewish community.  Now evidence is emerging that friends of Israel have no reason to believe that Obama has changed his anti-Israel, pro-Muslim policy.
Rumors that Obama was preparing to impose a solution on Israel that would result in a Palestinian State with modified 1967 borders began to emerge.
A think tank that is closely allied to the Obama administration and frequently gives valuable insights into the course being taken by the administration, published an interview titled “Borders as a Core Issue.” The left-winger being interviewed talks about the ease of moving the mass majority of settlers because they live so close to the 1967 lines. He also refers to the every left wing “peace” initiative as a basis for Obama policy: He refers to the Geneva Initiative, The James Baker Institute’s proposals, and Daniel Abraham Center proposal to emasculate the State of Israel.  He makes no mention of Israel’s stated proposals.
Also this week came news that Obama is threatening to convene an international conference to force the issue of a Palestinian State on Israel. Make no mistake, all these proposals require Israel to make security concessions that it will not be able to defend its people. They also target Jerusalem. One proposal acknowledges it will require a large international presence in the Old City of Jerusalem.  Which means that the United Nations will control what goes on in the Old City!
In summation, Israel’s enemies are on the march. Israel’s friends must mobilize and engage the enemy.     

the United Nations is the same thing as a global Islamic Caliphate