Republicans have won several states in the midterm elections

November 5, 2010
Obama’s Foreign Policy


The Republican Party and wisdom is gaining three dimensions with the public.  Perhaps it is true that there are some Republicans that don’t support Israel, but that is not the impression of the public.  Poor foreign policy has stumped this White House.   A lot of people who support Israel have just been elected.  Another issue is that Obama isn’t exactly a pacifist.  He is just killing people for the Saudis. People don’t think that appeasing and enabling tyrants is working and have become aware that Obama has merely made the explosion of war that much more toxic and violent. 

At some point, there might be a political operative who is going to say: If you are going to be reelected you must do things differently. That man is David Axelrod, the architect of Obama’s rise who is now working on his reelection. It is hard to imagine anyone else capable of turning around Obama unless he himself decides that major foreign policy shifts are needed.

The word “pragmatic” here means that he will take note of failed policies and adjust them. The word “politician” means that he will not follow the unpopular course of bashing Israel. He will also want to avoid looking foolish, promising to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons and failing; pledging a quick solution to the Israel-Palestinian issue and failing.


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Posted by Noah Simon