Israel is less peaceful than Syria and Iran according to “study”

June 15, 2012
Peace is war

(Anne) Peace is war: The Global Peace Index (an Orwellian name if ever there was one) has completed its annual global peace index survey, and come up with the totally unsurprising conclusion that Israel is one of the least peaceful countries in the world. Less peaceful than those havens of nirvana like Syria, Iran, Eritrea (whose refugees have obviously not been informed of the survey results and are therefore fleeing to Israel) and war peace-torn Ivory Coast. …the EIU says that one of the biggest reasons for having such an index is to help businesses decide where to set up shop:

Business benefits greatly from an environment of peace. Understanding the attributes of peace allows governments to better understand what they can do to improve the business environment This knowledge allows business to make more confident investment decisions on the basis of actual and predicted stability in a community or nation.

They are pretty clearly saying that companies that choose to do business in Israel are idiots, because of their pseudo-scientific rankings.
Now, who do you trust more to make business decisions: a group that includes Google, IBM, Motorola, Microsoft and Warren Buffet, or the EIU?(MORE)