Norway’s Hate is at a NEW Juxtaposition

August 12, 2011
Manfred Gerstenfeld has a plan to defeat Norway’s Orwellian hate-mongering… Deputy Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide wrote last Friday in The Jerusalem Post: “We have a proven track record of committing our political, financial and military resources to peace-building activities around the world, where combating both terrorism and the causes of terrorism are important objectives.” If George Orwell were still alive, he could have expanded his terminology to include: “Hate-mongering is peace-building” and “Promoting terror is combating terrorism.”

…Utoya Island…

Attacking Israel and ignoring major Palestinian and Arab crimes comes naturally to many among the Norwegian elite. The best way to counter this is by frequently exposing examples of indirect Norwegian support for terror, hate-mongering and double standards, as well as inaction against anti-Semitism by the government.
Due to the recent massacre, a number of foreign journalists have also familiarized themselves with the perversities that permeate Norway’s elite culture. Israeli reactions fighting back are likely now to get more media attention than in the past.
The Israeli Embassy in Oslo has presented a long list of biases on the part of Norwegian State Broadcasting System NRK to its supervisory council, which has waved it away.
People working for such an anti-Israel propagandist body should not be given recognition by Israel’s Government Press Office. NGOs that receive money from the Norwegian government should be scrutinized. How much Norwegian money is used by Palestinians for terror should be investigated. Doing all this is virtually risk-free. The Norwegian government could hardly cause more damage to Israel than it already has, without information about its perverse actions being widely spread.
The Norwegian elite’s culture will not undergo structural change due to the massacre in Utoya. For Israel to modify Norwegian perceptions of it would require suicidal risk-taking. Any successful policy must, therefore, be based on a radically different approach: the continued public exposure of Norwegian hate-mongering, so that its government’s international image becomes as tarnished as its reality.

it is good to have the attention, but now these people will come up with slick ways to justify their disgusting culture, where as before they were merely ignoring the criticism of a minority. I disagree with Carl. It is great to expose things that are wrong and it is great that people are finally noticing that the Socialist Multicultural experiment has failed, but now these people have a bruised ego and they are more likely to pay attention to their critics. This isn’t a great thing in some ways. It would be much better if the Jews paid attention to Norway. Norway paying more attention to Jews is not a healthy thing.