Eastern Repression

June 23, 2008


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as a former sex industry advertiser for the NYC Yellowpages from 2001 to 2003 (yes the Emperor’s Club was a client of the Yellow Page I worked for, though not my specific contract)… I have not heard of a Maid Cafe… but America has plenty of paid kink and we import a lot of these ladies from over there. It is as normal here as it is anywhere. I don’t think this is a good thing at all.

When I was having difficulties with my girl in 2001 I sold an ad to several escort services and experienced the service (but didn’t pay for it, so I guess I wasn’t breaking the law then hmmm? ;-p

back to the issue… Foucault’s point of view is that repression is inherent and as such if exposed society will crumble. A very post modernist take on liberation. “The Accursed Share” as Bataille would call it. Certain members of society must be consumed. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Part_maudite

We are so arrogant in the West. We think transparency is the answer to everything. forcing Democracy on Hamas as Jimmy Carter supervises. We don’t know what in the hell we are doing.

I really wish you would get back to my point above about the inherent martyrdom of civilization. I don’t buy the issue that the west corrupted the east at all. All the bad stuff in the west is in the east and all the bad stuff in the east is in the west. The good stuff from the west like liberation philosophies (Moses, Jesus, Pericles, Mohammed, Marx and Jung) are rarely seen in the east… while much of the east is reflected in the self (Freud, Georges Bataille, Ronald Reagan)

Mr Troll you are mistaking your concept of materialism with libidinal drives.
Marx was a materialist, and yet his materialism was a spirit of liberation.

Both East and West can get greedy.

I think Japanese culture has shown it’s ugly head plenty… as has ours. I’m not an equal opportunity PC kind of guy as you know… but it is silly to say we are above their fetish. If anything we have a lot to learn about shutting up about sex. communication and transparency is not a formula to success. Shame is inherent to human nature. A balance of repression is a healthy world view.

Death, Repression, Masturbation, Struggle are to be balanced effectively so that we can distribute dignity as best we can to all differing parties. Not all people are the same. When we start talking about equality and transparency… we can really get carried away by the talk show western culture. The best way to avoid the violent aspects of pain is through art. But do not be fooled into thinking of art as purely liberating. Freud saw art as a facet of repression. art is war