Oregon Muslim woman lost Dem Congressional run switches to Republican

November 22, 2011

(creeping sharia) We’ve maintained for some time that Muslims are generally more aligned with conservatives and their voting largely Democratic is a more about appeasement and social dhimmitude. Like Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan, and recently a CAIR agitator in Florida, however, infiltration is a multi-party game. Beaverton Muslim woman who ran for Congress switches to Republican Party | OregonLive.com. h/t Islamist Watch.

Saba Ahmed, the young Muslim woman from Beaverton who ran in the Democratic primary for Oregon’s 1st District congressional seat, says she has switched to the Republican Party.
From her Facebook page:

“Never thought I would see this day, but I am officially a registered REPUBLICAN. Thank you to all the Oregon Democrats for helping me realize my Conservative Potential. Looking forward to 2012 Republican Victories!”

Ahmed, who had interned for then-Gov. Ted Kulongoski and Rep. Earl Blumenauer, has been a frequent participant in Democratic events.  She received less than a half-percent of the votes in last week’s primary.
She added:

(M)y conservative Islamic values (pro-life, pro-family values, pro-business) made it very hard for me to defend myself as a Democrat. George Bush advocated water boarding torture just like Obama advocated drone missiles. Both parties treat Muslims badly, which is why American economy is going bankrupt fighting Islam. Inshallah, I look forward to helping foster a better understanding of our faith...

And yes I was banned from the Oregon Tea Party and Washington County Republicans earlier this year because of my Islamic beliefs, but I have to believe there is room for learning. I have to try and make a place for myself even if i’m unwelcomed. I know several tea party republicans hate me because they somehow blame me for 9/11. But I know once we talk to each other, get to know one another, we can all heal together. Inshallah!

Ahmed said in an interview that she wants to help Republican congressional nominee Rob Cornilles in his race against Democrat nominee Suzanne Bonamici by building support for him in minority communities.

Will Republican’s vet Ahmed who claims she was banned for her religious beliefs? Logan’s Warning had some background on Ahmed during her Congressional bid, JUST SAY NO TO ~ Saba Ahmed, Candidate for United States Congress
Not clear, but is this the same Saba Ahmed from Beaverton?

…and there you go… America was wondering what all that Saudi investment in FOX NEWS was about. We were so stupid