Pakistanis vow to complete bin Laden’s mission to kill Jews in Liberal Western Massachusetts

May 30, 2011
this is close to home. We have many Mosque’s near Poughkeepsie NY.

Some Pakistani’s that have settled in Hampshire County may not share the views of the vast majority of their countrymen and fellow Muslims – that Bin Laden was the greatest Muslim hero since their prophet himself and that his death by the ‘Jew controlled Western powers’ must be avenged.
Pakistani Taliban in New England?

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…@Hampshire Mosque…
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Information found in Bin Laden’s home revealed that many Pakistani students (i.e. Taliban) have already been sent to America to plot attacks on Amtrak train routes that run thru Washington, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, and into many other small towns in New England. These Taliban students often sign up for a class or two at an American college in order to secure a temporary visa. Once in the United States they instantly become full citizens by marrying nice Muslim women provided by their community, who themselves may have just petitioned for citizenship.
Fortunately the members of the Hampshire Mosque follow “a middle path, a path of moderation” and the Western Massachusetts community can be sure that these tolerant, peace loving Muslims will do everything they can to eliminate hateful people, prophets, or other leaders who advocate violence and the killing of Jews, Christians, or other unbelievers…
… just as soon as they explain Dr. Hazratji’s exhortations to Muslim students last year to unite against nefarious Jews and the fitna that they cause in the world, and to become good Muslims by following their prophet’s Sunna by engaging in violence and warfare, whether they liked it or not.

And yet we continue to import them. This is not going to end well.
H/t: Creeping Sharia