DODONA: Human Biodiversity Discussion Forum – "Roman nose" vs. "Jewish nose"

November 5, 2010
Both of these personages
present quite a different
nasal profile than,
say, this Palestinian:

Another famous
example would be
Abraham Lincoln:

discussion of idiots. I have an average sized generic nose. I’m a Jew. So are a lot of porn stars and actresses in Hollywood 

There are attempts to elide the “Roman nose”
with the Middle Eastern “hooked nose,”
but the English had something very different
in mind when coining the phrase.
Short of the Middle Eastern merchant,
they thought of the European version–
exemplified by actor Chris Noth’s nose:
It juts off his profile like the
blade of a knife. It is aquiline, but not “hooked”.

I think that the main difference is the tip–which is sharper on the hooked nose. Also the bridge. On Noth and Lincoln, it’s a smooth transition, whereas in the Middle Easterner there’s an abrupt break. Also Middle Easterners tend to have far larger noses, with respect to their other facial features–whereas the Roman nose is aquiline in shape, but not overwhelming with regard to the neighboring eyes and mouth.

Here’s a poor girl
who underwent surgery
to try and mask her