The Protocols of the Elders of Zion – the videogame!

September 3, 2010

Source: Mehr News Agency, Tehran
Iran released two anti-Israeli computer games on the eve of
the Quds Day. “Devil Den 2” and “Freedom Convoy”, which have been produced by
the School Students Basij Organization, were unveiled during a ceremony on

“Devil Den 2” is about the Israeli protocols, Brigadier
Mohammad-Saleh Jokar, the director of the organization, which is affiliated to
the Education Ministry, said in the ceremony.

“The illegitimate regime has said in its protocols that they will abolish all
beliefs,” he stated.

“We have witnessed that the foundations of the illegitimate Zionist regime have
been weakened and our younger generation must be familiarized with the protocols
and the antihuman ideology of the regime,” he added.

“Freedom Convoy” is about the Israeli attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, Jokar

A number of Iranian military commanders, including the Basij Organization
Commander Brigadier Mohammadreza Naqdi and Deputy Commander of the Armed Forces
Headquarters Masud Jazayeri, attended the ceremony.

“The downfall of oppressors is carried out by God… In the most pessimistic view,
there will be no trace of the Zionist regime in 15 years,” Naqdi said.

He said that the Zionist regime will soon be classified among the Soviet regime
and the apartheid government in South Africa, which collapsed years ago.

“The U.S. and Israel are our enemies and undoubtedly, they posses soft and hard
capabilities, but new soft investments in religious education and the rise of
the Islamic Revolution in the region have created new developments challenging
the two powers,” Jazayeri said.

He said that the games have been produced to change the tastes of users who are
being flooded with games produced by the U.S. and Israel.

Iran plans to produce six sequels to “Devil Den”. “Devil Den 1” was released in

In “Devil Den 1”, a number of top Iranian students are abducted by U.S. troops
during their pilgrimage to Karbala in Iraq. They are handed over to the Zionist
regime to convert them into Israeli soldiers. One of the students manages to
escape and tries to help liberate the other students.

A large number of the games were distributed free of charge among the
demonstrators participating in the Quds Day rally on Friday in Tehran.

They’re cheating me out of my royalties!
I’ll have to capture the distributors, convert them into Israeli soldiers, brainwash them to hate all religion, confiscate all their money, humiliate them, kill them, and sell their organs.
After all, I have a reputation to maintain.

I’m wondering what system the game runs on? I actually want to play this