Designated Hitters and the Economics of Baseball

July 13, 2011

and the interleague experiment will it end? not with the DH league disparity…

In the case of the DH, the big-market AL teams have no financial incentive to reduce their competitive advantage, and the NL owners have no real stake in reducing the AL owners’ cost of doing business. Unless and until all the owners are willing to make financial concessions in other areas to bring an end to the DH rule in the AL, we’re stuck with it as is. 


The Associated Press: Mike Schmidt: Time to end interleague experiment

June 26, 2011
Mike Schmidt: Time to end interleague experiment

via Associated Press …hey look… the AP is biased about baseball too. If you are from Philly and have to play teams that have no historical significance… I guess you would be biased like the AP… but I’m from New York… and I like seeing the Mets play the Yankees and Redsox. Philly doesn’t get that same excitement. Their historical rivalries are actually within their league (sometimes moved to another division and they play less of those games with inter league). I suppose if you are from Philly you would like to see the Phillies play the Cardinals or the Pirates more… and they are not in your division.  The big classic Philadelphia games are less with Interleague. Put in also the fact that the present system makes money. Mike actually sounds like a baseball insider who is tired of getting on airplanes.

all this talk about the Designated Hitter being a problem has me wondering what Schmidt thinks of Gay Marriage. The joke being that Gay people have to have a DH who doesn’t field to make babies… oh never mind… of course it was not just a far off metaphor. Seriously though it is the heart of the issue.