The Worst Economic Recovery Since The Great Depression

January 15, 2012

FDR’s Economic Policies FAILED. But Don’t Take My Word For It, Listen To Obama’s TOP Economic Adviser

( Unemployment actually rose after June, 2009, and did not fall back down below that level until 18 months later in December, 2010. Instead of a recovery, America has suffered the longest period of unemployment near 9% or above since the Great Depression, under President Obama’s public policy malpractice. Even today, 49 months after the recession started, the U6 unemployment rate counting the unemployed, underemployed and discouraged workers is still 15.2%. And that doesn’t include all the workers who have fled the workforce under Obama’s economic oppression.

The unemployment rate with the full measure of discouraged workers is reported at as about 23%, which is depression level unemployment.


Ivory Tower

October 17, 2010

theblogprof via Kristee Kelley: 6 TIMES More Youth Depressed Now than During Great Depression

March 11, 2010

That’s right – 6 times as many youths depressed now versus during the Great Depression. The statistics don’t lie as there is a direct correlation between divorce and having your children grow up with problems. Public schools don’t help either (more on that later). From Education Reporter via Kristee Kelley on FB:

A new study found that five times more American high school and college students struggle with mental health issues today than young adults who were the same age during the Great Depression era. Researchers at five universities analyzed more than 77,000 respondents to the popular Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory from 1938 to 2007.

Two mental health categories showed almost a six-fold increase. Hypomania, a measure of anxiety and unrealistic optimism, was detected in 31% of students in 2007 as compared to 5% of students in 1938. Depression was noted in 6% of students in 2007, versus only 1% in 1938.

The study also found a significant increase in “psychopathic deviation,” which is defined as having difficulties relating to authority figures and feeling as though the rules don’t apply to you. The number of youth who scored high in that mental health category rose from 5% in 1938 to 24% in 2007.

Jean Twenge, Ph.D., lead author of the study, suggested .the current numbers may even be low, given the prevalence of antidepressant and psychotropic medications prescribed to youth today

The study did not offer definitive reasons for the increase in mental health issues, but Twenge and other experts suspect cultural influences that emphasize external measures of success such as looks, status and wealth. Twenge is the author of Generation Me: Why Today’s Young Americans are More Confident, Assertive, Entitled — and More Miserable Than Ever Before. The book, published in 2006, makes the case that pop culture creates unhealthy pressures that negatively impact youth.

Of course, pop culture is being injected into public schools via moonbat teachers and administrators who tend to be rabid leftist radicals. Kelley had this to sum up the above article:

1. Divorce
2. Single parent homes
3. daycare from infancy
4. govt. expected to parent thru p…roxy school systems

1 and 2 directly go together. 4 I think should be number 3 and visa versa.

1. Keep your family together
2. minimize use of daycare
3. avoid ps like the plague

Bottom line: kids needs more quantity time than quality time from Mom and Dad.

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