U2 David Evans still can not build what he was hoping for | IHatetheMedia

March 1, 2010

No Irish rockers allowed. The Edge finds out that sustainability just means sustaining views of rich leftists.

David Evans, aka the Edge, is the guitar player for Irish rock band U2, the most eco- and politically-correct band in history. U2 defined politically-correct standards of rock and roll.

Now the Edge wants to build a home on the soaring landscape above Malibu beach. It’s got all the correct environmental bells and whistles, too, the Edge says.

“We just had this dream of building a house that was in perfect harmony with these hills,” Mr. Evans said. “We see it as something that could be a bench mark of sustainability.”

But in the ever exacting bite of karma, a group of green eco-warriors are fighting the Edge’s new home. The Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy and the rich folks who live below are trying to stop the project, which includes, Gaia forbid, a road.

Maybe sustainability and environmental awareness are now just code words that help rich people keep the Irish out of their neighborhoods.

Source: New York Times

– Written by Sven Waring, DotPenn.com