A tale of two videos

September 20, 2012

I wonder how many of you were struck by the contrast between the zeal of America’s Leftist media to publicize a video of Mitt Romney that was secretly shot in a private home with the insistence of the Los Angeles Times for the last four years that it cannot release a video of a young Senator from Illinois speaking at a going away party for his good friend Rashid Khalidi.
Darren Jonescu was quite struck by that contrast, as was I. Here are some of his comments on the issue. 

And what about the other secret video, the one the media has chosen to suppress and guard for all these years?  It apparently shows a mutual admiration society of Chicago terrorists, supporters of terrorists, communist revolutionaries, Islamists, anti-Semites, and Barack Obama (as featured speaker), gathered to celebrate a prominent spokesman for anti-Israeli, pro-Palestinian propaganda.  Nothing to see here.  Move along, move along.

One last note.  In this age of domestic surveillance drones, “domestic terror” accusations against Tea Party conservatives, and the Obama administration’s reluctance to say that it will never criminalize speech criticizing a religion (see here), ought not this Romney “secret video” story give one pause?  This video was shot behind closed doors, in a private home.  The leftist mouthpiece media has been tripping all over itself to publicize it as quickly and widely as possible.  There is a message here, whether intended or otherwise: watch what you say — anywhere, in any company, even in the privacy of your own home.  No place, no context is above public monitoring and revelation. 

Your “private” thoughts are not your own.  And the public entity explicitly assigned the task, in a free society, of defending you against the potential corruptions of power is now the willing servant of that power, and the eager vessel of those corruptions.

…Unless, of course, your private thoughts express sympathy with Islamic terrorists, and show you, as an elected official, cavorting with avowed enemies of the American system of government.  Then you will be accorded the full protection of the LA Times.