USA Cheerleaders Wear Pants for Sharia

September 2, 2010

ahmadinejadsmilesmaller.jpgJust so we’re all clear on the issue, THIS IS THE WAY A CHEERLEADER IS SUPPOSED TO LOOK: There’s been a lot of hype about the USA National Basketball Team playing Iran in the World Basketball Championship.  Tuesday, Team USA beat Iran, but with the PC pandering of “our” team, it’s as if we lost. Sadly, Team USA Coach Mike Krzyzewski and players were all too dhimmi-esque regarding Iran.  Barf.  Then, the cheerleaders had to wear long pants to respect Islam and Iran.  Double barf.

Coach K, Team USA, & Dancers
Dhimmi Up for Iran, Islam


I don’t even like basketball. The Cheerleaders were all I had.
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