OWS Classy: Occupy Protesters Glitter Bomb Santorum During S.C. Election Night Party…

January 22, 2012


(WeaselZippers)(Still image via CBS NJ and Dan Savage Gets Glitter Bombed for Being Transphobic | The Bilerico Project) CHARLESTON, S.C. — Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum were shoved and a baby stroller was left knocked over after a group of “Occupy protesters” disrupted his election night gathering and threw glitter on him Saturday night.

The ruckus caused by the protesters occurred after Santorum made remarks to supporters following his third place finish in the South Carolina primary on Saturday night. One female protester threw glitter on him before quickly being escorted away.
The protesters yelled phrases suggesting they disagree with Santorum’s stance on gay issues.
Another protester yelled “bigot!” as he was escorted out of the auditorium at the College of Charleston along with at least five other young people.


Gay Men: The Democrats’ Reserve Army of Histrionics

July 18, 2011

Dan Savage attacks people like Mark Foley, Larry Craig, Ted Haggard, and Marcus Bachmann because he hates homosexuals. Conservatives are a safe target. Something inside Dan Savage wants to call people names. He searches for a strategic way to vent his need for gay-bashing without undermining his own position. That’s why he repeats ad nauseam the notion that Republicans are fag-hating fags. It is a form of catharsis for millions of gay men who still can’t accept themselves.Savage embodies the basic conundrum of the Democratic Party, fishing endlessly for signs that gays are attacked and humiliated and despised, while claiming ironically to be on their side.
In “It Gets Better” Dan Savage associates sexual awakening with his darkest and most tortured moments. It is because of this life experience that millions of gay people love listening to him. They find common ground in their tortured pain and unresolved resentment of the world. They wallow in the past, focused especially on the teenage years, which is why they delight in finding gorgeous pubescent causes célèbres like Matthew Shepard and Tyler Clementi while wreaking havoc on gays who come out later in life, such as Ken Mehlman. Savage returns to the primal scene of antigay torture with himself recast as the torturer and gay conservatives recast as the runts.
…. First, he assumes that gay marriage is an unquestionable absolute — if you do not support it, you hate gay people. The notion that civil unions are a less emotionally exhausting route for progress, the concept that perhaps GLBTs can find other routes to happiness than a tradition that traditionally views them with distrust, or the simple belief that gender matters enough to make same-sex and heterosexual couplings different — all these intellectual positions are shunted for bumper-sticker formulae. more via americanthinker.com

Sex advice columnist, journalist, and newspape...oh… don’t think this reblogpost went unnoticed. here is the other opinion:

DAN SAVAGE – HUMAN BEINGI was on FACEBOOK last night and saw a thread from a “friend” who is Jewish and it featured an article which said this:

Gay sex advice columnist Dan Savage said of Republicans, ”I wish they were all f–king dead”


In one panel segment, gay sex advice columnist Dan Savage said of Republicans, “I wish they were all f–king dead” (video follows with transcript and comment…which was taken out of context because SAVAGE was discussion on the Bill Mohr show Marriage Equality and how most of the Republican GOP Nominees for President were slamming Gay Marriage and were saying very vicious things about Gay people in general. It’s a talk show about top stories and politics.
Gay people are not just going around making a lot of money all the time, nor are they having sex all the time (I wish) nor are they banning together to take over the world (I wish we could) and are we fornicating with straight Jewish Men who, in my opinion, for the most part, are some of the ugliest people on the face of the earth. I went out with a few Jews but really why bother, long noses, big opinions, big mouths and no action – might as well go out with an Armenian who at least will have sex with you without picking your pockets clean of the lint.
There are many Jewish Gay men out there – Many who live on the Down Low – married with wives and many many kids but are out there in the world looking and fucking men. Really. I knew a Hasid who had that “problem” and he killed himself. It’s a sin in their religion after all to be anti God like but if God wear a felt hat, long wool pants and stinks to high heaven, I’m going downstairs. I hate guys who bob like bob head. You want to dov – do it someplace else and take your stupid ass religion along with you and that goes for anyone who has a religion that they wear on their bodies, over their faces, curly cues and all. In America you are free to practice your religion but I draw the line when its constantly in your face. My mom worked for Hasids and liked them but to me they are the focus of what is wrong with modern day America.
If anyone’s religion ostracizes or outs a group of people who don’t fit their particular views of human-hood – then that religion is false. Well that takes care of all religions all over the world.  The Catholics (it’s a sin), the jews (you have committed a sin) but you have to believe in the sin or you have to believe in the love.
“Marriage is between a man and a woman” – yup and they have been doing such a great job these days.  How many women do I know live in unhappy marriages because they had kids with a guy who was a complete asshole but they feel powerless to leave because he has the money, the house, the car, the life and they, without him, have nothing.
I knew this girl back in my 20s who was gay. She was Armenian and Gay in highschool and in college. She had a girlfriend, a Jewish one (imagine that! My cousins used to say “practice on a Jewish girl and then go marry someone else) whom she was in love with. Her parents found out and in the interim her father had a heart attack and passed away.  Her mother told her along with her lousy set of 2 brothers that she killed the father when she told them she was gay. She had to be straight and then became straight for them so they would love her, denied her sexuality, married a fat Armenian man and had kids with him BUT I do believe that she is still Gay and has women on the side.
Horrible story for that to happen in this day and age but this girl was caught between a rock and a hard place – her entire family turned against her blaming her for the death of her father.
The Jews who lash out at Gay people should be ashamed of themselves after what transpired in concentration camps all over Europe and Germany. Gay people were killed along side of Gypsies, and Jews and anyone who would not conform to Germany’s ideal of their new Nazi lifestyle.
Here in these pages you will see people on FB – all Jews – all Republicans – hating on Gay people, Hating on Writer Dan Savage who is an acquired taste but if you don’t like what he’s writing you don’t have to read it. What you don’t have the right to do is to call him names – anti-gay slurs and to call for his death.
When I mentioned the death of Lieby Kleb the kid who died in Brooklyn at the hands of a Orthodox Jew – they turned on me – anytime you write about a Jew and you are not a Jew you are wrong.
This is why Jews get killed every century – I’m waiting for the other shoe to fall and watch as Israels gets wiped off the face of the earth because they are such low life niggers – those Israeli’s in my opinion – they don’t deserve special compensation but they do deserve 12 stones on their headstones. I don’t hate all the self-righteous Jews – just the people who married into my mom’s family – loose women, with no morals and are open to fucking anything that walks no matter how they look.
My late mom’s best friend’s son was a doctor and gay, her daughter was a doctor and loose and her youngest daughter married a divorced man – All of them are weird and sad in their own ways but they all have money – why? They worked for it stupid that’s why – Read this thread and tell me that I’m wrong, that these Jews are bashing gay people and if you think so – go and find them and write to them to stop doing it and report them to facebook:
NOAH DAVID SIMON – he’s the dumb faced profile picture – you can’t miss him – yamakaha and all
HOWARD HYMAN – A name that should be changed for sure – was very mouthy when he thought I was a gay jew. When he found out I was not a Jew the slanderous statement starting falling from his computer keyboard. via American Jews show their hate on Facebook towards Dan Savage and Gay people’s right to marry « bonju blog
note… I kept a copy of the comments from facebook. I can email you them if you need to see them. I had them reposted here from Bonju’s blog, but it is against facebook terms to repost comments. I reposted them from Bonju’s blog. I have a copy in case she decides to edit the truth.