Oslo: Green activist says she will only protest against non-violent religions

July 5, 2011

Last month, on Ascension Thursday, Natalie Mandeau (23) and Dan DeVero (22), two German F*ck for Forest activists, entered the Oslo Cathedral naked as a protest against the Church’s oppression of nature and sexuality. Mandeua also pretended to have sex.
Asked why she entered a church of all places, Natalie said: I feel most close to Christianity. It’s the religion which dominates where I come from, and it’s Christianity which oppressed people in Europe for centuries.”
Other religions have a similar attitude towards sexuality and nature, why didn’t she pull such a stunt in a mosque?
“I didn’t want to be killed, I want to spread love,” answers Natalie. “The Muslims I know are nice and I don’t know if that’s what will happen, but women are stoned for wearing pants in some places.” h/t Islam in Europe via dagbladet.no  and image via meta Physical Play Room Chicken Lick’n