Dalia Rabin: My father might have stopped Oslo

October 27, 2010

“Many people who were close to father told me that on the eve of the murder he considered stopping the Oslo process because of the terror that was running rampant in the streets and that Arafat wasn’t delivering the goods.  Father after all wasn’t a blind man running forward without thought.  I don’t rule out the possibility that he considered also doing a reverse on our side.

After all he was someone for whom the security of the state was sacrosanct.
So they say that Oslo brought Arafat and gave them rifles and caused the
intifada. But historical processes develop, change and flow. It is
impossible to take a person murdered in ’95 and judge him according to what
happened in 2000.”

Dalia Rabin, daughter of PM Yitzchak Rabin
Interviewed in the Seven Days magazine supplement of Yediot Ahronot
8 October 2010
[Translation by IMRA]


Rabin and Peres still WRONG!

October 19, 2010

At a ceremony Tuesday night in memory of slain Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin, President Shimon Peres said that Rabin’s murder was an “unforgivable and unerasable crime. We cannot allow the passage of time or our weariness to force us from our course. On this memorial day we must fight against forgetfulness, which is the enemy of man and democracy,” Peres said.
Speaking at the memorial, Yitzchak Rabin’s son Yuval demanded that the right stop using expressions such as “the crimes of Oslo” and “the Oslo tragedy” to describe the aftermath of Rabin’s Oslo Accords, in which hundreds of Jews were killed and injured in the second intifada. Yuval Rabin said that his greatest wish was to ensure that everyone realize that his father had acted for what he believed was the good of the country and the Israeli nation.

wrong Rabin. it does not matter if your father thought he was doing the right thing. It only matters that those who opposed your father knew he was causing mass murder with his ignorance. Every Republic is built on the blood of sacrifice. Rabin might of been a part of building Israel, but his later action caused mass death.
I will remind Rabin that I would of had his father’s blood on my hands today if I needed to save lives. To not of killed Rabin would of been the real crime.
…and to those Americans who doubt me… ask yourself: What founder of the U.S.Republic made the greatest economic sacrifice for the Revolution? None other then Benedict Arnold who George Washington later attempted to assassinate.
Let this be a warning to future Israeli leaders

Margalit Har Shefi’s conviction to be expunged?

October 16, 2010

Why would the Left and Progressives be so afraid that an innocent person were free? Because it highlights that those behind the assassination of Rabin were justified in their actions. All government is based on the blood of a revolution. No power is innocent of having blood on it’s hands.

One of the biggest injustices that came out of the Rabin assassination was the conviction of then-19-year old Margalit Har Shefi for allegedly failing to inform the authorities of her friend Yigal Amir’s intention to assassinate Yitzchak
Rabin. Har Shefi spent four and a half years in jail for that conviction.

Three years ago, Ami Ayalon, who was the chief of the Shin Bet (like the FBI and Secret Service rolled into one) at the time of the assassination) admitted that he had lied under oath at Har Shefi’s trial.

Last night, at a campaign rally for his candidacy for the Labor party leadership, Ami Ayalon, who was appointed chief of the General Security Service after Rabin was assassinated, made what would be a shocking admission in any other Western country: He admitted that Margalit Har Shefi was falsely charged and falsely convicted. And that the GSS knew it all along:

Former chief of intelligence (Shabak) Ami Ayalon, now a Knesset Member, revealed Thursday night that Margalit Har-Shefi did not realize that Yigal Amir intended to assassinate Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin. She was convicted in 1998 of failing to prevent the murder. In 2001, she began a serving a nine-month prison term, which was terminated by President Moshe Katzav after six months.
Ayalon made the disclosure at a meeting with Labor party supporters in Ashkelon, but he did not explain why he kept silent until now. “Har-Shefi did not know that Yigal Amir wanted to murder the Prime Minister,” MK Ayalon said. “I know this from intelligence and was head of the intelligence agency.
“She was part of the crazy reality [at that time].”

How’s that for an excuse? ‘Part of the crazy reality.’

Now, a movement is afoot to expunge Har Shefi’s conviction. And all the usual suspects are opposed.

Among those leading the campaign are MKs Otniel Schneller (Kadima) and Uri Ariel (National Union) as well as Rabbis Yuval Sherlo and Yaakov Meidan.
In a letter to Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein, the campaigners quoted former Shin Bet officials Carmi Gillon and Ami Ayalon who expressed their belief that Har-Shefi, was not, in fact, aware of Amir’s intention to kill Rabin.
Weinstein made the decision to pardon himself from being responsible for the issue due to the fact that he was in touch with Har-Shefi’s family in the past, when he was requested to represent her as a lawyer in the private sector.
Opposition leader Tzipi Livni talked with Rabin’s daughter, Dalia Rabin, and said that “Rabin’s assassination is not just his family’s interest, nor is it just his political party’s issue but it is interest but of the entire nation.”
“Even if years have passed since Rabin’s assasination we can’t return to tagging it as a matter of right and left. We have paid a heavy price in the past and as a society and we were able to learn the lesson from the murder,” Livni continued.
Livni said “It’s far beyond matters of the individual, but instead of society as a whole as, and as a former justice minister I oppose involvement of MKs in civil proceedings. I regret the involvment of politicians in this application because it may change the discourse surrounding the political field which should not be there.”

Arutz Sheva adds:

State Prosecutor Moshe Lador will apparently handle matter. The attorney general disqualified himself because of contacts he had with Har-Shefi’s family when he was in private practice. Har-Shefi served half of her sentence before she was given a pardon by then-president Moshe Katzav.

Peace Now is opposed out of fear that it will eventually lead to Yigal Amir’s being released (I’d settle for Amir getting a fair trial with a real lawyer representing him).

“The Right will not succeed in erasing its part in the incitement and violence that led to the assassination of a prime minister in Israel,” Oppenheimer said, adding that he would appeal to the High Court of Justice against the request if it is accepted.

Opposition leader Tzipi Livni is opposed as well.

Har Shefi’s record ought to be expunged. In light of Ayalon’s false testimony, no other result is fair.

further… now we know that this assassination was the right thing to do to protect the people from cooperating with terrorists. I loved Rabin as the man who fought for Israel, but if lives could be saved to protect the people from his foolish move (that by the way at the time I supported) then it should be historically celebrated as a necessary existentialist tactic of the people to protect themselves from a tyrannical government that cooperated with hostile internationalists. It is odd the way the Left can always justify bloodshed for a social revolution, but can not understand why it would be necessary to have revolution for anything other then centralization of government and limitless power for the few.