Wikileaks prove that Norway and Støre support Hamas

September 7, 2011
Abdallah Barghoutis bombs killed 66 people. Now he gets paid 6000 Kroner ($1,111 US) dollars a month while he sits in prison. Abdallah gets paid by Norway….

Norwegians are not Neutral at all…

NORWEGIAN AID MONEY GOES TO PAY JAILED TERRORISTS: Not only does the Norwegian government have high ranking officials that sympathize with Hamas, it’s also sending aid money to the Palestinian Authority that goes directly to the pockets of convicted terrorists sitting in Israeli jails.

Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet The headline was: Så går biståndspengar till terror mot Israel. Translated: This is the way aid-money is funneled towards terror against Israel”. The editorial brings up same thing as mentioned in your article above and the roughly 700 mil SEK (a bit over $100 mil) in total and the 40 mil SEK ($6 mil) of Swedish aid money that is spent specifically on “to help the palestinian authorities pay out saleries” (wording belonging to Gunilla Carlsson, Swedish minister of foreign aid). As the author of this editorial piece (Per Gudmundson) writes:In other words, we as tax payers pay the calories of the terrorists

…Here are five of the victims after a suicide bomber blew up a bomb made ​​from terrorist Barghoutis Abdallah, who is entitled to 6000 Kroner ($1,111US) in salary in addition to other social benefits because he sits in an Israeli prison.

(Dagbladet): 9 August 2001, a man walked into the restaurant Sbarro the heart of Jerusalem, carrying a guitar case. In the guitar, was a bomb between five and ten pounds, wrapped in nails, screws and bolts,  to do as much damage as possible. Guess who funds him? Norway!(Wikileaks) This shift was so dramatic that a 2006 cartoon in a major newspaper depicted the PM of Israel as a concentration camp guard. During the 2006 war in Lebanon prominent author Jostein Gaarder made a statement saying “I refuse to recognize the state of Israel” and characterized Judaism as “an archaic national and warlike religion.” (See septel and ref B for a detailed discussion of anti-Semitism in Norway.) By 2007, FM Stoere decided to recognize the Palestinian Unity Government, which included Hamas Ministers. Hamas’ vow to destroy Israel was ignored or characterized as only rhetoric by the Norwegians. Norway became the leading dissenter to international norms (only joined by Switzerland), willing to overlook Hamas’ stated aims in pursuit of dialogue at all costs. At this point, some Israeli officials began to characterize Norway as the most anti-Israel state in Europe. (Note: Although the GON would deny it, there are clear signs that contacts with Hamas go beyond a tactical desire for dialogue to a level of sympathy for Hamas positions. The FM once told DCM for example that one could not expect Hamas to recognize Israel without knowing which borders Israel will have. While the FM expresses some sympathy for Hamas’ positions only in unguarded moments, other prominent Norwegians go further. End Note.)

Is there anyone here who wants to take the London Guardian and their political ideologues seriously still? There is no objective leg to stand on. The only thing left for this culture is attrition and popular social media blocking. The truth must hurt… If I were some of my liberal relatives I wouldn’t want to be my facebook friend either. I’m terribly good at busting the feminist, socialist, progressive agenda’s bubble. So go ahead and claim my college professors were not Palestinian sympathizers… even though I had to go to jail to prove otherwise.  They are in the papers!  look it up. I’m guilty for exposing the truth!