REPORT: George Soros Is Giving A Lot Of Credit To American Apparel

March 12, 2012
George Soros put his investment into the trend and then pulls out of the market when the collectivist mentality cannibalizes. Why would anyone be shocked that he would invest in fashion?

(business insider) The debt-laden, controversial, American-made clothing chain reportedly has a new financial backer to bail it out: George Soros.

From the New York Post’s James Covert:The billionaire octogenarian — who, like American Apparel’s controversial CEO Dov Charney, has lately been entangled in lawsuits with young, beautiful women — is backing a firm that’s in talks to extend a credit line worth as much as $80 million to the cash-strapped clothing chain, The Post has learned.
The credit facility from Crystal Financial, a Boston-based firm that boasts Soros’ hedge fund as its lead investor, will immediately replace and expand a $75 million revolving credit line from Bank of America that matures in July, sources said.

Specific terms of the credit agreement couldn’t be learned, but it will be “long term,” albeit at a higher interest rate than at the Bank of America facility, according to a source briefed on the negotiations. The deal could be finalized as soon as this week. Read the whole story at

were you really that stupid as to think that fashion was liberating? fashion is the mechanism that George Soros understands and manipulates. fashion is what put Obama in office. Do you remember when you realized that we were being taken advantage of by the Democrats during the election and everyone called you a racist? not all that different than not fitting in because of your clothing or a haircut. Everyone buys into fashion…