Halal Credit Cards Give Money To Charity Which Promotes Trutherism and Anti-Semitism

August 7, 2010

Surprise, surprise:

Alright hold on a minute – what is the point of this card again? Swiping a card to buy something with money that you already have – hey doesn’t that sound like a debit card???? Or a gift certificate????? Aside from the fact that I do not see what the point of this card is, it begs further investigation.
This card was released in 2009 at Toronto’s “Reviving the Islamic Spirit Conference” (a conference which has featured speakers like Zakir Naik, Yusuf Islam, Tariq Ramadan, etc.). In the press release, MasterCard stated that amongst the cards various benefits, “In addition, for every transaction of over $20 billed to the card, one needy child in a developing country will be fed for a day through RS Foundation.
Having never heard of the RS Foundation SMW did a bit of research (since if you buy this card promoted in Canadian Living and use it you will be giving money to the RS Foundation). Regular readers will no doubt be shocked (shocked) to learn that the Director of the RS Foundation, Shujaat Wasty is a 9/11 Truther who has written and posted various online articles about the evil Americans and the “alleged” abuse of women in Afghanistan. In his online critique of Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 Wasty wrote:
The second criticism was the absence of the most important player in the grand scheme of events: Israel. There is no that the Zionist movement occupies a primary role in the WTC attacks, international anti-American sentiment, , and plunging the entire world into the chaotic time that we live in. Such a major character being excluded from the movie is simply unfair.
In 2005 Wasty appeared in a panel at Concordia University where he said  
1) the cartoon drawings of Mohammed should not be part of freedom of expression, that  
2) Evangelical Christians belong to the “worst form of fudamentlism” and are responsible for a “genocide in North America,” 
3) that Islamic governance is the only true form of democracy and where he argued for 
4) Shariah based arbitration to be allowed in Canada. Oh and guess what…..according to self-listed credits he works for the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Sharia: don’t leave home without it