DUMBEST PROGRESSIVE EVER: loves Saudi Arabia on YouTube #Feminism

December 21, 2011
From Al Arabiya: (EOZ) Here she is in all her ditzy glory:

Corissa Chantelle surprised her Youtube viewers when she donned a green T-shirt, a color similar to that of the Saudi flag, and sung in jubilation for the kingdom’s Independence Day anniversary.
Chantelle, 22, who has a desire to meet King Abdullah, has a channel on YouTube, and nearly every Thursday she posts a video expressing her infatuation with Saudi Arabia and its culture.
On the videos, which so far have attracted more than 2.8 million viewers, she speaks some Arabic words and sentences and tries to throw in some Saudi Arabian vernacular.
…She also an avid supporter of the Saudi Ettihad soccer club and would like to see them play in their stadium, but the kingdom’s conservative rules would not permit her to enter the stadium. However, she says she would not mind standing outside the grounds to support her team.
In one of her YouTube videos, Chanetelle wore a black Abaya, which was a gift from a friend from Saudi.

wait a second… who does she remind me of? oh yeah! Lauren Booth! This could be her kid.