Women view modesty as sign of weakness

July 31, 2010
Research suggested that females have found the rise of the “more feminine man”, or “metrosexual”, a big turn-off. Women see modesty amonsgt men as a poor character trait that could adversely affect their employability or earnings potential.

The study of 132 female and 100 male student volunteers found, however, that men did not view female modesty negatively.
The participants viewed footage of 15-minute job interviews of males and female actors delivering similar responses to questions for the position that required social skills.
The applicants were judged to be equally competent for the role but the “modest” males were less liked, results published in the journal Psychology of Men and Masculinity showed.
Corinne Moss-Racusin, a psychologist who led the study, said: “For men and women, there are things they must and must not be. Women must be communal and other-oriented, but they must not be dominant.
“Historically and cross-culturally, men have been stereotyped as more independent and self-focused than women. Women are allowed to be weak while this trait is strongly prohibited in men.
“By contrast, dominance is reserved for men and prohibited for women. Thus, gender stereotypes are comprised of four sets of rules and expectations for behaviour consist of both ‘should’ and ‘should notes’ for each gender.”
Researchers dismissed, however, suggestions that modest male applicants would have greater difficulty in finding jobs.
Miss Moss-Racusin, of Rutgers University, New Jersey, said she believed that men had a higher status in society than women which meant meek males were afforded the benefit of the doubt over dominant females.

The study was still done by a woman so she precludes data that does not correlate to the study regarding status. If jobs are not effected by the modesty attribute then how does she find status relationships? Certainly employment data shows that women have a greater chance of employability. How does this factor into the study? Miss Racusin of Rutgers University does say that modesty does not equal employment, but for men employment is status. Obviously this study while resting on a fragment of truth (women are attracted to confident men. did you need a study to know this?)… it also is narrated and sculpted in such a way as to justify a feminist gender engineering critique. With an economy where men are out of work and lacking confidence where would Miss Racusin see that women lack lower status then men lacking confidence? Too much so called contemporary gender science has been sculpted in such a way as to further the agenda of those who were born without a penis. There is absolutely no status for men without employment. To preclude that working women have less status then unemployed men is a biased finding. This is how feminism has continued to inject their opinions into uncorrelated facts