Colin Firth and Queen Elizabeth play spin the Dhimmi with England

June 11, 2011
Elizabeth is one EVIL BITCH!
Colin Firth has been appointed
a CBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours.

The actor, who won an Oscar
for playing King George VI
in the King’s Speech, was recognized
for services to drama. via

The Jews gave him away. The British pulled the trigger — they shot him — but the British would have never had found him, never without Jewish collaboration. I listened to him, he gave a talk on the ‘Future State, and How Can We Spread Our Membership without Diluting It.’ That was one of the big things with him — to try and spread, but not dilute. That‚s what he told me. Stern was a great man, you could feel his presence; he radiated a certain confidence, an understanding. It was a great loss to the Jewish people when Stern was murdered.” Stanley Goldfoot’s dedication to the words and memory of Avraham Stern are as strong today as they were in the years prior to, and during, the formation of the Jewish State, when the goal of the LEHI was the liberation of Eretz Israe l and the establishment of the Third Commonwealth. via

Firth has been cast as Avraham Stern, the leader of the Underground organization Lehi, which lead a violent campaign against the British Mandate in Palestine during the 1930s and 1940s. The British authorities also called the Lehi “The Stern Gang. via

the Queen has never made even a single visit to Israel and has enabled every totalitarian third world regime the U.K. made money off with oil profits. Colin Firth is working on a movie about the British Mandate of Palestine that defames Jews that were being murdered and decided to fight back against their abusers. Sigh… if only the QUEEN had her empire back… then she could enable Hitler like her bloodline did.

Stern insisted that the struggle against the British remain independent of any political linkage, even to Jabotinsky’s Revisionist party. He also vehemently opposed tempering the resistance in any way, and thus, in August, 1940, when the Irgun decided to suspend their attacks on the British during World War II, Stern formed a radical splinter opposition group, known as Lehi, an acronym for “Lohamei Herut Yisrael.” He maintained that, even in the face of the Nazi threat, it was the British who posed the major threat to the Jews;
doubting the Allies could win the war, he even advocated an alliance with Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, believing these ties would assist the nationalist effort in Eretz Yisrael. via

Stern had no illusions as to who Hitler and the Fascists were and what they were doing. He felt the English were as bad… and he was right.  The policy against the Jews in British Palestine was what failed to protect the Jews from the Holocaust.  Survival could only come by negotiating with the source of the violence and not the people who couldn’t be bothered to allow the Jews in their own land.