Israel doing ‘immense damage’ to peace process Nick Clegg says

January 16, 2012

(Nick Clegg)

David Green ‎…and in 2014 Scotland will vote on possible independence from the union – so much for “united kingdom”

( Nick Clegg tilted Britain’s Middle East policy sharply towards the Palestinians on Monday with an attack on Israel’s settlement policies in the West Bank.

Adrian Blomfield(By , Middle East Correspondent ( 8:41PM GMT 16 Jan 2012)

The Deputy Prime Minister drew a hostile reaction from Israel by saying the government’s continued construction on internationally recognised Palestinian land was “an act of deliberate vandalism” that undermined the basis of the Middle East peace process. In some of the most critical language ever used by a senior European politician in government, Mr Clegg accused Israel of making the likelihood of a negotiated settlement to the conflict impossible to deliver. “It is an act of deliberate vandalism to the basic premise on which negotiations have taken place for years and years and years,” Mr Clegg said. He said there was “no stronger supporter of Israel than myself as a beacon of democracy in the region”, but added: “The continued existence of illegal settlements risks making facts on the ground such that a two-state solution becomes unviable. “That, in turn, will do nothing to safeguard the security of Israel itself or of Israeli citizens. That is why I condemn the continued illegal settlement activity in the strongest possible terms.”

…….Clegg is still just an opposition party that has never controlled UK politics. while yes it is disconcerting…. it also is a voice of the weaker face of the UK people. It would be like judging America by Ron Paul.


Free Palestine is CODE for KILL THE JEWS!

June 9, 2011

The ferocity of the purge in which they were subsequently purged was such that the word “purge” doesn’t really convey it. Imagine pigbreathed men wandering blindfolded through the crowd at a Coldplay concert, swinging chainsaws, flamethrowers and yetis about in a random but deadly fashion, and you’re getting close.


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and yet a CNN Poll Shows Highest Support for Israel; Lowest for Palestinians in History

The Blind Accordion Player (Ben Shahn)

Those who survived were a red-eyed phalanx of psychos who snorted vodka, smoked trees, dammed rivers with human heads, played Poland like an accordion and parked their tanks on top of Hitler’s house. Not pretty, but more effective at getting rid of Nazis than Futurist poetry, innovative camera techniques and endless speccy speeches. via

London Anarchist has small Penis… certain of it

November 24, 2010
Light relief: A demonstrator urinates against a police van
Light relief: A demonstrator dances on a police van while another urinates against it Strictly come protesting Smash and grab: The protester sits at the wheel of the police van after students smashed their way in
Pursuit: A female protester sits at the wheel of a police van during the protests

Smash and grab: The protester sits at the wheel of the police van after students smashed their way in

It’s Time for Nick Clegg to Scrape this Foul Tonge – Spinning Jenny the Lib Dem Peer Slurs Israel Yet Again

November 14, 2010

Daphne Anson
13 November ’10
Jenny Tonge – who sits in the House of Lords on the Lib Dem benches as Baroness Tonge, having been given a life peerage in 2005 after several years as an MP – is a veteran detester and demoniser of the world’s only Jewish State, and as a result has earned the epithet “Jihad Jenny”. In 2004 the then Lib Dem leader, Charles Kennedy, sacked her as a party spokesperson after she had refused to apologise for saying of Palestinian suicide bombers: “If I had to live in that situation – and I say that advisedly – I might just consider becoming one myself.”
In 2006 Tonge made headlines when she announced: “The pro-Israeli lobby has got its grips on the western world, its financial grips. I think they’ve probably got a grip on our party.” Lib Dem leader Sir Menzies Campbell – himself no great friend of Israel – called her remarks “unacceptable” and possessing “clear antisemitic connotations”.
An all-party group of members of the House of Lords led by former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey noted that her comments “evoked a classic anti-Jewish conspiracy theory”. She retorted that Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer’s article “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy” that appeared in the 23 March 2006 issue of The London Review of Books – whose “as-a-Jew” editor Mary-Kay Wilmers is on record, incidentally, as describing herself as “unambiguously hostile to Israel” – bore out her contention that the “‘Israel lobby’ had a disproportionate voice in Anglo-American foreign policy”.
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Nick Clegg: There Is No Future for Us as Left-wing Rivals to Labour

September 18, 2010

THE TELEGRAPH: Nick Clegg has said that there is no future for the Liberal Democrats as a left wing party.
The Deputy Prime Minister said he sympathised with voters who had turned to his party as an alternative to Labour and were unhappy that they had formed a coalition with the Conservatives.
But he risked alienating key supporters by dismissing those who see the Lib Dems as “a sort of left-wing conscience of the Labour Party”.
“There were some people, particularly around the height of the Iraq war, who gave up on the Labour Party and turned to the Liberal Democrats,” he said.
“I totally understand that some of these people are not happy with what the Lib Dems are doing in coalition with the Conservatives. The Lib Dems never were and aren’t a receptacle for left wing dissatisfaction with the Labour Party. There is no future for that; there never was,” he told the Independent. >>> Heidi Blake | Saturday, September 18, 2010

…so then what are the Liberal Democrats about? no… really

but I thought only the so called Liberal was a hater

July 27, 2010

Britain’s new prime minister has proven himself no better than the last. He’s given a speech in Ankara, Turkey (via Commentary’s Contentions), where he said:

I know that Gaza has led to real strains in Turkey ’s relationship with Israel. But Turkey is a friend of Israel. And I urge Turkey, and Israel, not to give up on that friendship. Let me be clear. The Israeli attack on the Gaza flotilla was completely unacceptable. And I have told PM Netanyahu, we will expect the Israeli inquiry to be swift, transparent and rigorous. Let me also be clear that the situation in Gaza has to change. Humanitarian goods and people must flow in both directions. Gaza cannot and must not be allowed to remain a prison camp. But as, hopefully, we move in the coming weeks to direct talks between Israel and the Palestinians so it’s Turkey that can make the case for peace and Turkey that can help to press the parties to come together, and point the way to a just and viable solution.

So he too has joined the anti-Israel rhetoric, and probably spouts the worst of all. Peter Wehner makes clear that the blockade was justified, yet Cameron fails to take notice of any of the facts.
By the way, what was Cameron doing in Turkey? Backing their bid for EU membership, what else? The man is a downright dhimmi.


most of us in America know little about this guy Cameron

Nick Clegg

May 7, 2010

I’m very concerned about the UK elections. harbors strong anti-Israeli views. 

Foreign secretary Clegg, according to the privately expressed view in Jerusalem, would be quite problematic for Israel. Clegg, who visited “Israel and the occupied territories” five years ago, according to the official MPs’ register, on a trip funded by the Council for Arab British Understanding, is said to have certain Arab contacts with unsavory ideologies. He is perceived to underestimate the threat posed internationally by a nuclear Iran. In recent comments to the Jewish Chronicle regarding the assassination in Dubai of Mahmoud Mabhouh, Hamas’s Gaza missile-importer-in-chief and self-confessed murderer of two Israelis, Clegg declared that while “I understand Israel’s unique security predicament, my view is that this kind of killing would be completely counter-productive to the peace process.”
And then there’s his stance on Gaza.

To describe Clegg as a vociferous opponent of Israel would be an understatement — I’ve written in greater detail on this issue here. Clegg has penned a number of articles condemning Israel’s handling of Gaza, and has been the most prominent British critic of Israel’s response to Hamas attacks. He has alleged that the Israeli government “continues to imprison 1.5 million Palestinians and prevent the rebuilding of its shattered infrastructure,” and supports the U.N.’s use of the highly offensive term “collective punishment.” Clegg has drawn parallels between Israel’s defensive actions and the terrorist campaigns of groups such as Hamas, and has urged the European Union in the past to isolate and even sanction Israel.


And what a coincidence that Clegg has been advised by Nicholas Blincoe, a former ISM activist, who writes for the Guardian and was a staffer for a time. Blincoe’s insights about Israel include this one:

Israeli archaeologists are like the fireman in the novel Fahrenheit 451; their job is to erase the traces of non-Jewish civilizations, not to investigate them.

And look how Nadhmi Auchi, an anti-Israel Iraqui billionaire, is close to Clegg and organised a fundraising dinner for a LibDem candidate.
Then there is Jenny Tonge, famous for saying “The pro-Israeli lobby has got its grips on the western world, its financial grips. I think they’ve probably got a grip on our party.” Until very recently she was a Patron of the viciously antisemitic Palestine Telegraph. Only when it posted a David Duke video did she resign. But she has not been thrown out of the LibDem Party – as she surely should be.
You can see here what Tonge and a LibDem MP Sarah Teather say about Israel.
Here you can see the LibDems’ response to the questionnaire sent to candidates by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (the only party – as opposed to individual candidates – to respond). (The response has been taken off the PSC site). They call for a ban on settlement goods, suspension of the EU-Israel Association Agreement and an arms embargo on Israel).
33 LibDem candidates have so far put their name to this. A further 25 LibDem candidates signed the PSC’s pledges.
One LibDem candidate said that the only reason that there was not an arms embargo on Israel was “the power of the Jewish lobbies in Washington and Britain”.  She also echoed Tonge’s call for an inquiry to disprove allegations that Israeli army medical teams in Haiti “harvested” organs of earthquake victims.
And the LibDems’ spokesman on foreign policy, Shadow Foreign Secretary Ed Davey MP, thinks the Goldstone Report is “balanced” and wants the UN to act on it.
More still: Over 80% of the LibDem MPs in the Parliament which has just been dissolved are happy to see Israelis arrested in the UK on politically motivated false “War Crimes” charges.
Finally …….. remember Chris Davies? He was the LibDem MEP who told a constituent that he hoped she enjoyedwallowing in her own filthafter she wrote to disagree with his views on Israel. He remains a LibDem MEP though he was forced to resign as the Party’s Leader in the European Parliament.

Updated May 1st 2001 – Interview in the JC:

What is your position on Israel’s actions in Operation Cast Lead and what should Israel do to calm international opinion on this issue?
Israel has a right to take action to protect its civilians. That is beyond question. I understand that the constant attacks from Gaza on innocent families living in Sderot was and is intolerable and Israel rightly seeks to defend its citizens.
But the truth is that Operation Cast Lead did not work. It was self-defeating. There are still attacks on Israeli citizens from Gaza.
Israel is more isolated internationally, the people of Gaza are more embittered and Hamas strengthened as a direct result of Operation Cast Lead. It has made it harder not easier to achieve Israel’s long term peace and security and that is deeply regrettable.
I think Israel could do a great deal to reassure international opinion by holding an independent inquiry into Operation Cast Lead.
What is your view of the current state of UK-Israel relations in the light of Israel’s use of British passports in Dubai? What further action should be taken if the investigation of the Dubai authorities confirms that Israel was responsible for the assassination of the Hamas operative?
Clearly relations between Israel and the UK have been affected. It is unacceptable for British passports to be abused in this way. We will have to wait and see what the Dubai authorities conclude.
While of course I understand Israel’s unique security predicament, my view is that this kind of killing would be completely counter-productive to the peace process. I just don’t see how this fits into a long-term security strategy for Israel.


Someone needs to tell him that the number of rocket attacks from Gaza has dropped over 90% since Operation Cast Lead ended, and that we’re not making peace with Hamas, and therefore the liquidation of a Hamas terrorist (even if the Mossad did it) can only bring good and happiness to the World.
No, I’m not impressed, and I sure wouldn’t vote for him.

Clegg will be singing a different song when England completely adopts Sharia law shortly. Israel isn’t just the Canary in coal mine. it is also the guiding light against a Jihad.

…another condemnation for bombing Iraq’s power plant in 1982… again and again and again.

no more American or English promises of how they can knock SCUDS out of the sky. ignore the egos… they don’t know better then those who are really fighting to survive.

Other concerns:
Iraqi Billionaire Israel-Hater is Money Bags for UK’s Nick Clegg
Clegg is tight with Nadhmi Auchi, an Iraqi Muslim billionaire who supports HAMAS and helped fund a boat convoy to Gaza to provide aid and comfort to the terrorist group.  And he funds one of the most anti-Semitic, anti-Israel websites in Great Britain.  That’s not to mention that the sleazy Auchi is part of the Tony Rezko/Barack Obama axis and was involved in some of their many improper dealings.
other details and frauds detailed at

If Clegg wins, the UK’s policy on Israel could go from bad to worse:

1. Clegg’s outlook is anti-American.
Clegg, a major opponent of the Iraq War, has made a number of statements calling for a completely new relationship with the United States and an end to what he mockingly calls London’s “subservience” to Washington.

2. His party manifesto does not even mention NATO

3. Clegg does not believe in a nuclear deterrent.

4. Clegg is a NWO kind of guy and likes Internationalist tyrannies like the U.N.
“Globalization requires us to formulate a system of supranational governance capable of controlling forces which escape the limitations of the nation state.”, he says.

Clegg firmly believes that Britain must give up key aspects of national sovereignty in Europe, including the pound, and supports the EU having a unified foreign policy and defense identity.

he might be worse then Obama!