Stanley Fischer disqualified to IMF candidacy due to age… sounds like the disqualified AntiSemitism program at Yale

June 14, 2011

former IMF head

…Dominique Strauss-Kahn:

…if I may add… the IMF’s last head is in worse shape then Weiner. Old man is going down for RAPE??? Strangely bizarre the way it appears that Jews that are under the control of Arabs because of whatever reason go down as sex perverts once in power. I know this post is about IMF finance, but it appears to be an eco-system of corruption of Jews in power that they don’t speak out in the right places and turn out to be perverts. 
Fayyad got outsiders to float the Philistine state because Fayyad got a doctorate in economics and had a career at the World Bank and IMF who are ready to approve the state. Best way to control the system… is to be the system.

The World Bank which for years praised the fictitious Palestinian economy finally admitted in the report that it is entirely based on donor money which trickle down through oligarchs to Palestinian entrepreneurs.


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Posted by Noah Simon