Christiane Amanpour Returns to CNN

April 12, 2012

Did anyone forget that Amanpour in Haiti accused Israeli doctors of stealing organs?

(cnn) Christiane Amanpour will host a new daily foreign affairs program on CNN International that will launch on Monday, April 16, it was announced today. Beginning with the program’s launch, the 30-minute daily broadcast of Amanpour, will air weeknights at 3:00pm, and replay at 5:00pm. All times are Eastern. “We are delighted to have Christiane back at CNN,” said Tony Maddox, executive vice president and managing director for CNN International. “Christiane’s sophisticated, incisive journalism is needed now, more than ever to add context and depth to the world’s biggest news and stories,” Maddox said.

The thing with Sanchez is it isn’t that anyone at CNN disagreed with him… they were merely pissed off that he exposed the network’s bias. Amanpour has got that femme-fascist vibe that the media likes however.If Rick Sanchez had a twat he’d be back too.


Powell: Tea Party presidential candidate can’t win in 2012

November 27, 2011

Compromise is how this country was founded,” he said, offering as an example the issue of slavery. “Can you imagine more difficult compromises today?” he asked. “We have a Congress now that can’t even pass an appropriations bill.”

Who does that sound like? Oh yeah… that is what Obama keeps on talking about. The compromise on slavery argument is completely out of context, unless we are talking about… a guy who is listening to what Obama believes.


August 9, 2011
wtc-september-11Christiane-Amanpour-apartmentLast year the New York Slimes did a puff piece on left-wing propagandist Christiane Amanpour (formerly of CNN, now ABC), which included photos of her home. Recognize the oversized picture that dominates her favorite room? She says it’s her favorite item in the apartment, because “It gives me joy every time I walk in my door.”
Here’s a clue: like Amanpour, the painting comes from Iran. Here’s another clue:
Once upon a time, people would have suspected she could be an enemy agent. But no longer: we live in an age where we have no more enemies, only future facebook friends.(Moonbattery) via

she knows what it is. she’s winking at her sarcastic friends… IMHOP

Are the FEMINISTS protecting WOMEN? Or are they just listening to the hysterical Jew haters?

March 10, 2011

The way the feminists went after the Orthodox is a crime. My mother did a lot of “Get” work. She was on the other side… and no doubt she is down stairs eating her pork, but I know in her heart she knows there is no safer place for women then in the Jewish community because Jews honor difference. Jewish women have a lot of power, not because of physical strength, but rather because community is where women’s power comes from. Judaism creates a framework for goals and expectations. It is very clear and honest. Feminists take power through female supremacy. To think in terms of individualism is to deny the nature of women. Females are natural to a collective. The Jewish family is a collectivism that works.

rav lipschitz.jpg
Every few months, we are presented with media reports about Jewish women rescued from their Muslim husbands in the Palestinian Authority or within Israel.
The stories are always similar. The women were tortured by their husbands, often locked in their homes or under constant guard by members of their husbands’ families. Either with or without the help of their Jewish families, they reached out to Yad L’Achim which rescues Jewish women and their children from Muslim husbands. Yad L’Achim volunteers plan and carry out often dangerous rescue operations and bring these women and their children to safety.
In January, Channel 10 presented live footage of one such rescue. Viewers saw relatives of a mother of four named Dana waiting anxiously at the Erez checkpoint as she and her children fled her husband and his family in Gaza and took their first steps of freedom.
During their courtship, Dana’s husband showed her every courtesy. After their marriage, he began regularly beating her and kept her under around the clock surveillance. A visit to Yad L’Achim’s website makes clear that her story is anything but unique.
Yad L’Achim’s work in saving Jewish women from violent Muslim husbands is especially notable given the nature of the organization. It is an anti-missionary haredi organization led by Rabbi Dov Lipshitz. It is not feminism that motivates its members to save these women. It is Jewish law. And specifically, the halachic command of the ransoming of Jewish hostages. According to the organization, it carries out scores of rescue missions like the one that rescued Dana every year.
The question naturally arises, why do haredim dominate what by rights ought to be a field occupied by secular feminists? Why aren’t Israeli and American Jewish feminists at the forefront of efforts to save these women from their violent husbands? Where, for instance, is the New Israel Fund? Its website brags, “The New Israel Fund founded or funded most of Israel’s women’s rights organizations and networks.”
Obviously Yad L’Achim, which defends these women’s right to live without fear is a women’s rights group. So why doesn’t NIF fund it? Yad L’Achim and other religious groups have been pilloried with allegations of racism in recent months for their public calls for Jewish girls and women not to date Arabs. In principle, these attacks seem fair. Blanket denunciations of Jewish- Muslim dating and intermarriage are problematic, even if they are justified from a religious perspective.
But whether one agrees or disagrees with the religious precepts that guide Yad L’Achim’s actions, the fact is they are not saving a principle. They are saving women and children. Shouldn’t that be enough to earn them the respect of the Left that is supposed to be motivated by concern for the weak and downtrodden? 
IN HER interview with Channel 10, Dana said that in Gaza, “what they do is curse the Jews 24 hours a day.”
The fact is that both misogyny and Jew-hatred are facts of life throughout the Muslim world. This state of affairs renders marriage to Muslim men a particularly dangerous prospect for Jewish women.
But the feminists throughout the Jewish world are silent on this issue. And this isn’t surprising. The egregious mistreatment of Jewish women by their Arab husbands involves two issues that the Left – which encompasses most feminist groups – is intent on ignoring: Islamic misogyny and Islamic Jew hatred. Just as the Left ignores, underplays, trivializes or justifies the fact that hatred of Jews is the most universal sentiment in the Muslim world today, so it systematically ignores, underplays or trivializes the endemic brutalization of women and girls throughout the Islamic world.
Take a purportedly feminist discussion of the impact of the Arab revolt on the position of women in the Arab world from ABC’s This Week with Christiane Amanpour on Sunday. In a segment that lasted roughly 15 minutes, Amanpour said essentially nothing about the appalling lives of women and girls under Islamic law.
When Newsweek editor Tina Brown mentioned “the barbaric custom of child brides,” in Yemen, Amanpour didn’t ask her to elaborate. In accordance with that Yemeni custom, little girls are routinely married off to grown men.
When Iraqi women’s rights activist Zainab Salbi noted that the key issue for women in the Muslim world is changing the family law that governs their societies, Amanpour didn’t ask her what she meant.
What she meant was that under Islamic family law, women and girls are considered the property of their male relatives. And their “owners” can legally beat them and rape them and genitally mutilate them and force them into marriages they object to. If the women and girls are “disobedient,” their male relatives can expect little or no punishment for murdering them.
Rather than discuss the real, truly life-threatening dangers faced by women and girls throughout the Islamic world, Amanpour presented her viewers with a superficial and false depiction of recent events in which a few well-dressed, perfectly coiffed, pretty young women in Egypt and two Western dressed women in Libya are supposedly transforming the position of women in their societies one tweet at a time.
It was a complete lie. But it wasn’t shocking. It would have been shocking if Amanpour had provided her viewers with any relevant facts about the subject she was purportedly discussing.
The contrast between Yad L’Achim and traditional feminist groups and icons worldwide is statement on the state of the free world today. Whereas the feminists obscure the plight of women living in the Muslim world, a haredi group is saving women living in the Muslim world.
For years the New Israel Fund and countless other Jewish and non-Jewish leftist organizations have waged a culture war against the haredim for what they allege is their mistreatment of women.
Many women – both Orthodox and non-Orthodox – disagree with the position of women in the haredi world. But it cannot be denied that today haredim are the only ones rescuing battered Jewish women from their abusive Muslim husbands.
Originally published in The Jerusalem Post 

Analysis: Washington’s "Fresh" Attempt at Talks Puts Netanyahu on the Spot

December 16, 2010
On Monday, hours before the arrival of U.S. special envoy George Mitchell in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed Washington’s new position, taking the condition of another settlement freeze in the West Bank off the table. He said:

To reach peace, we have to discuss the issues that are truly delaying peace … I welcome the fact that we will now begin discussing these issues and try to narrow gaps.

When Mitchell arrived in Israel, Netanyahu declared:

In their direct talks, both sides decided together to pursue a framework agreement that would establish the fundamental compromises on all permanent status issues and pave the way for a final peace treaty. That remains our goal.
Reaching this goal [face to face negotiations] will not be easy by any means. The differences between the two sides are real and they are persistent. But the way to get there is by engaging, in good faith, with the full complexities of the core issues and by working to narrow the gaps between the two.

But the Prime Minister still faces a challenge. The Obama Administration wants a “fresh” start for indirect talks from both sides. Netanyahu is expected to put forth an offer, especially on borders between Israel and a Palestinian state. The US hopes that a consensus on those borders will bring the solution of other core issues such as security, Jerusalem, water, and settlements.
On the Palestinian side, West Bank “Prime Minister” Salam Fayyad confessed the bluff of going unilaterally to the United Nations for recognition of “State of Palestine”. Fayyad said, “We have already done this in 1988. We are looking for statehood.”
Fayyad is right. The recognition of the state of Palestine by dozens of countries will not solve the problem, even if chief negotiator Saeb Erekat has sent an official letter to the European Union’s foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, calling for recognition based on pre-1967 borders. Ramallah knows that the only approach is to fulfil all the requirements of a sustainable state. That begins — along with steps towards the legitimacy of the rule of law, the political system, and economic policy — with an open dialogue with the Israelis.

But that of course brings everyone back to the difficulty of resuming direct negotiations, especially with the conservative and cracking Netanyahu government. As the leader of the opposition party Kadima, Tzipi Livni, revealed, Netanyahu has ruled out the possibility that Jerusalem could be divided, contradicting the statement of his Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

Livni does not come across as someone I would want representing me.
forget all the baggage that you might know.  She looks weak and ineffective.

They Live to EAT ORGANS

November 14, 2010 now claims that the
Jews are buying South African Organs
probably got the idea from Amanpour

….Carpenter’s aliens are the Jews. 

The filmmaker John Carpenter made a great training film for us in this coming struggle. THEY LIVE. Malevolent aliens live among us. But most of us can’t tell who’s who, or realize how they control our lives. A small group of resistance fighters have special glasses that reveal the hideous faces of the aliens, who have taken over the organs of power. The aliens are so evil that no mercy can be shown them. If you see the scary face, start shooting, because they mean to enslave all of us and kill some of us. The only way to save ourselves is to kill them and keep killing them until the source of their power can be turned off – forever.

In a speech in Ramallah Thursday, Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas said that Israelis needed to realize that peace was “more important than settlements

November 12, 2010

at a $3.4 Million Yasser Arafat Museum Set to Open in 2011 Abbas AKA Abu Mazen added that the PA continued to oppose terming Israel a Jewish state, and that no deal could be signed until all terrorists were released from Israeli prisons. via

Telephone interview with Arafat during the siege on his compound in March 2002, during which Chairman Arafat hung up

The old queen Arafat didn’t like women much. You must show respect when talking to Chairman Arafat! Do you think Amanpour learned a thing? probably not… but she knows how to embarrass the hell out of both sides by controlling the argument. Now she defends a religion that believes Allah tells Muslims to kill Jews if they don’t pay a tax.

…and Jimmy Carter blames the media for Obama’s failure? YOU MUST SHOW RESPECT TO CHAIRMAN ARAFAT!

Thousands of artifacts from former PLO terrorist leader Yasser Arafat’s life are being gathered for a new $3.4 million museum in Ramallah. The facility, set to open within the year, is being built on to the Muqata – the compound where the PLO chairman spent the last two years of his life.

That section of the building, which now serves as the headquarters for his successor, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, has been sealed since Arafat’s death on November 11, 2004.

The museum is being built by the Yasser Arafat Foundation, inaugurated in Cairo in February 2008 by a group that included PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa and Arafat’s nephew, Nasser al-Qidwa, who became chairman of the board.

Some $5 million was already in the foundation’s coffers by the time the organization was officially launched. However, the source of the funding is not clear, and no information is publicly available.


Are they using the food aid money to build this museum?