UNRWA mandate up for renewal

June 18, 2011

of PalArab “refugees” have citizenship!

Your tax dollars have been scammed by the United Nations and UNRWA’s mandate to provide services to ‘Palestinian refugees’ is up for renewal at the end of the month, and spokesman Chris Gunness has outdone himself making their case.  What will happen to the Palestinian Arab refugee camps?

for confirmation of the fact that conditions are better in Gaza, we don’t need to go further than a statement by John Ging, made in December, shortly before he left his position as coordinator of UNRWA operations in Gaza.

[W]e’ve now turned the corner[.] … [S]ince the new Israeli government decision on adjusting the blockade [that is, allowing more goods in via the land crossings], every day is better than yesterday.

This is not the picture Gunness has painted, and it’s not his only misrepresentation.
via israelmatzav.blogspot.com