Carrie Fisher: ‘I was fresh bait’ for Ted Kennedy

November 4, 2011

…………………………………………(American Thinker/ht @NatalieDuvalNY) The headline of a Fox411 celebrity interview with Carrie Fisher announced that she has undergone electric shock treatments for her depression. The story wasn’t much of a blockbuster confession, but the interview continues with some truly interesting revelations:

FOX411: You went on a blind date with Chris Dodd and then had a double date with Ted Kennedy?
Fisher:  The first part of the evening [Kennedy] was what he was, which was a prince, a brilliant man, a great ambassador of good will. But then he relaxed. Look everybody is going to have a little side to them lurking somewhere, and I was the likely victim I think. I was fresh bait.
FOX411:  And he asked you…
Fisher:  If I was going to have sex with Chris. I said, ‘No, not tonight. I’ve just gotten sober recently,’ and I don’t even know what I said. What I did was I out-answered his inappropriate questions. If the question was inappropriate the answer was worse and that’s what we got into. That’s what he was like and that aspect of him is partly what made him great. He never gave up. He was going to take control of that evening or establish that he could if he wanted to and I was newly sober and super alert. (MORE)

I think I’m going to puke


Who did not sign?

September 28, 2010

87 Senators have sent a letter to President Obama urging him to pressure Abu Mazen not to walk away from the ‘direct talks.’ Who are the 13 who did not sign?

The thirteen are:

1. Chris Dodd (D) – Connecticut
2. Dan Akaka (D) – Hawaii
3. Tom Harkin (D) – Iowa
4. John Kerry (D) – Massachusetts
5. Jeff Bingaman (D) – New Mexico
6. Tom Udall (D) – New Mexico
7. Jeff Merkley (D) – Oregon
8. Patrick Leahy (D) – Vermont
9. Jim Webb (D) – Virginia
10. Jim Bunning (R) – Kentucky
11. Judd Gregg (R) – New Hampshire
12. Robert Byrd (D) – West Virginia
13. Bernie Sanders (I) – Vermont

File that away somewhere for some future election.