NJ Democrat Incumbent Bill Pascrell Shows Support For Renaming Park After Holocaust Denier

October 25, 2012

park (illustrative)Boteach Opponent Supports Renaming Park After Holocaust Denier
NJ congressional candidate Rabbi Shmuley Boteach released a letter in which his opponent supported renaming park after Holocaust denier. 

park (illustrative)

Arutz Sheva – New Jersey Republican Congressional candidate Rabbi Shmuley Boteach released the full text of a letter dated September 26, 2012, in which Congressman Bill Pascrell (D. NJ) offered his support for the renaming of a section of Clifton’s Richardson Scales Park in memory of Chester Grabowski, the late publisher of Polish-American newspaper The Post Eagle, who denied the Holocaust and was widely known for his anti-Semitic diatribes.
In the letter, Pascrell said he “whole heartedly” supported the effort and called Grabowski “a great friend” and “a kind and a respected man” who “was a friend to all.”
“Congressman Pascrell knowingly misled the media and the public at our recent debate when he said he did not know about Chester Grabowksi’s anti-Semitism,” Boteach’s campaign said in a statement. “We now have the full text of a recent letter written by Pascrell proving that he knew Grabowski for decades and considered him a close friend. Grabowski has been widely known for his vicious racism – his hateful comments against Jews and outright denial of the holocaust have been widely documented, as well as his decision to run for Congress in 1990 under the Populist Party that had supported former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke during his presidential run in 1988. Grabowski’s Congressional bid came at the same time that Pascrell was Mayor of Paterson, the largest city in the district.”
“It’s impossible not to have known about his very public anti-Semitism and racism, and this putrid letter demonstrates that Pascrell was not telling the truth,” the statement added.