birdbrain: Charlie Wilson’s Legacy To The World

March 23, 2010

Charlie Wilson was one of the most destructive figures of the twentieth century and we would have been much better off had he never gotten involved in politics.

It is largely thanks to Mr. Wilson that there exists today the radically destructive Islamist movement in Afghanistan. The enormous flow of money from the United States during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan to the unsavory Islamist elements in Afghanistan would make future terrorist attacks possible.

In all fairness, we should give consideration to Mr. Wilson’s position on his past actions. In an interview with Time magazine in 2007, he said, “We were fighting the evil empire. It would have been like not supplying the Soviets against Hitler in World War II…. Anyway, who the hell had ever heard of the Taliban then?”


I thought the whores and coke weren’t to good either.


Charlie Wilson dead at 76

February 11, 2010

I realize that this guy set the bar for selling out to the Jihad and getting Hollywood to love him for it, but maybe his policy wasn’t good? Perhaps the cocaine use was the positive part of the guy? Read the Quran and the Hadith and find out what we were supporting. The Soviets would of fallen anyway.

Former Rep Charlie Wilson, the East Texas Democrat who successfully funneled millions of dollars in covert aid to the Mujahideen rebels in Afghanistan during the 1980’s has died at age 76 in Lufkin, TX, apparently of cardiac arrest.

“Good Time Charlie” established an early D. C. reputation as a hard-partying womanizer (he publicly referred to Rep. Patsy Schroeder as “Congresswoman Babycakes” and Rep. Bella Abzug as “Toots”) but later distinguished himself as a strong supporter of the US military and a die-hard opponent of global Communist expansion.

Wilson’s efforts to bring about the defeat of the Soviets in Afghanistan were chronicled in the book and movie “Charlie Wilson’s War,” which Wilson himself said he enjoyed.

As a kid growing up in Southeast Texas during the 1970’s, I remember Charlie Wilson making the news quite frequently, usually in connection with partying, alleged cocaine use, or taxpayer-funded junkets with a bevy of attractive young women. But I wish today’s Democrats were as serious about stopping the global menace of terrorism as Charlie Wilson was about defeating communism.

(h/t The Anchoress)