Firefighter Porn: LAFD Employees Being Investigated For Adult Videos That Used Fire Trucks as Props

October 1, 2011
(Digital Spy)(LAWeekly) Los Angeles firefighters have come under attack for allegedly filming pornographic movies while on duty. Emergency workers in Venice Beach are due to be investigated for allowing their vehicles to be used in adult pictures, NBC reports. If the allegations are proven to be true, the guilty firefighters will have violated LAFD policy by failing to “operate apparatus in a way that does not compromise the reputation of the department”. “The fire chief is adamant about addressing the issue, finding out what took place,” LAFD spokesperson Captain Tina Haro said. “The professional standards division is following all leads, all reasonable leads, leaving no stone unturned. “The fire chief absolutely will not tolerate the type of thing that might have happened in that videotape.” However, a department insider claimed that the entire station was aware of the firefighters’ actions and considered them to be “good, clean fun”.The LAFD are also investigating firefighters from another station in Hollywood over similar allegations. One fire official tells the station there is “zero tolerance” for the use of official LAFD apparatuses that way. “Look at this fire truck,” actress Charley Chase is quoted as saying: “Isn’t that nice.” charley chase com.JPG