Columbia University’s New Center For Palestine Studies

December 18, 2010

The October launch of Columbia University’s Center for Palestine Studies (CPS), the first institution at an American university specifically dedicated to the study of Palestinian Arabs, received surprisingly little notice.

here are signs that politics have already infiltrated the CPS. Take, for example, the fact that Joseph Massad (the professor accused of bullying students in 2004) is associated with the center. Massad’s body of work is a postmodern mash-up of high-minded critical theory and base innuendo. His book Desiring Arabs theorizes that homosexuality is a western construct that imperial powers imposed upon the Middle East and that a “gay international” cabal (consisting of groups like Amnesty International and the Human Rights Campaign) uses the rhetoric of minority rights to unfairly vilify Muslim regimes.

Columbia University seems to have become infested with parasites. It is almost every other post is about the place’s flaws. obviously the campus is very ill. I wouldn’t send my child there. I believe they even were getting donations from Iran through the Alawi Foundation recently.