As Criticism Over Antisemitism Increases–Media Matters Digs In Its Heels

February 2, 2012

(Yid With Lid)…Media Matters and its Jew-hater in Chief MJ Rosenberg, the talons are out. These pages have provided many examples over the years how Rosenberg accuses American Jews of dual loyalty with the term Israel-firsters), or how he claims the “evil Zionist lobby” controls both the media and the U.S. foreign policy.
Rosenberg eve uses the term neo-con in a similar fashion to another Jew-Hater Pat Buchanan, as a slang pejorative term for Jews who are politically conservative. Rosenberg accuses those Israel-firster neo-cons of everything from pushing the US into the war with Iraq and now trying to manipulate the US into a war with Iran.
MJ Rosenberg is not backing down. Ever since the controversy began to build he has dug in his heals, tweeting hatred and claiming that those who criticize the use of the term are just trying to silence his “progressive Jewish voice.
Here are just a few of his tweets from the past few days:

Gee, I thought the article was about Obama, not the US. Obama is so wrong about so many things like taxes, Obamacare etc., along with the Middle East. Wait does that make MJ Rosenberg an Obama-firster?

So now the line is–“Bash the Jews and it will prevent a war with Iran?”

Is he really is claiming that no one cared about the Holocaust until the 6-Day-War when Jews could begin to exploit it to protect Israel?


Think about how much influence Media Matters has on Youtube. Think about how the media is framed in replay… now imagine all of it being controlled by people whose fetish is hatred of those who are a minority surrounded by people who want to murder the minority. I know what you are thinking… you are thinking… well I don’t trust Media Matters on some issues, but I listen to them on others. It is shocking sometimes (speaking as someone who follows politics closely)… we all come in thinking just like this before we realize that all the little issues we thought we saw eye to eye with the left was not there at all… from global warming… to Islam… to gender and sex issues: The foundation of the leftist establishment from the top… down all the way to their founding socialist intellectual writers. The left is hatred. The left is bigotry. The left is a denial of truth because the left does not like difference. The left is evil.