Censorship and Strange Social Networking Bedfellows

October 8, 2007

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Two-facebook, here’s my new face!—>

man who live in glass house dress in basement.—>

man who honest on facebook and twitter without firewalls unhappy.

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There was no warning for the disabled account. I assume you have had ample time to review. What is the issue and why was the account disabled? If you continue to silence voices, you will have a difficult time breaking into a larger market share in the United States. This is not China. Not everyone has the same opinions. You are hurting your chances of selling your company if it is built on censorship. The tyrannical “Leftists” in the Universities that I am very famliar with might of played your game, but in the long run the larger population will not. I have more freedom in my real life existence in the United States of America then I do online dealing with your poor excuse of a social network alternative.

I wish facebook itself could clarify these issues.
I find it obnoxious that a company supposively worth more then the country of Bolivia’s net economy does not clearly state these things. Further… they do not respond promptly. It is important for facebook to have people ready to have a dialogue about what they feel is out of bounds. Any specific codes are obviously precedent. I do not expect to log in each time and agree to the Mosaic Ten Commandments…. but an on going dialog with official representatives would be nice. It is obvious that facebook doesn’t care because they have no concern for the community.

I’m ANGRY that I still have not received a response from facebook.
I get the feeling that the problem of facebook is that it puts too much responsibility into one enterprise.

Anyone says anything out of line and Zuckerburg goes fascist because the Volvo Soccer moms get angry (the same people who buy the majority of products and thus fuel the economy… the ladies that changed your diapers).

I don’t know what to think. I think they are confused themselves. Someone must of complained… and they are trying to get details. This is my guess. I also get the feeling that the different departments of facebook do not have a lot of communication. I noticed that it was mentioned about how social networking does not allow us to create social working “Firewalls” based on the category of connection. If facebook had had these firewalls I would not be spending my week begging Zuckerburg to reinact my account. Many people when they see a nude body drawn get upset. I can understand their feelings. I am not completely insensitive. I am not a cartoon version of an artist who thinks he should get away with a public exhibition of the “Virgin Mary” painted in elephant dung (if you remember recent Brooklyn Museum history).

Jeff Pulver mentioned that facebook is more then Web 2.0… that facebook is the Operating System of Web 2.0. So I guess that makes MYSPACE the MS-DOS. So when is MYSPACE going to upgrade and put a Windows shell in? The tyranny of one O.S. can not continue. PROGRAMMERS…. someone can make a lot of money (and I’m only telling you this because I’m not one)…

If facebook is the O.S.
why not make a widget that is full facebook Ap compatible…. and yet could be put in any BLOG or even MYSPACE. This would bust the whole system open. It is only a matter of time before some programmer NABSTERS the OS away from these college politically correct fascists. why doesn’t myspace do it? RUPERT MURDOCH… I know your making too much money off your satelite business to see any profit from this. But if you really are against the tyranny of the “Left” like you claim! PLEASE DO THIS. facebook is the STALINISM of the 21st century. WE NEED A FREE MARKET OF OPEN DECENT SOCIAL NETWORKS

What is myspace really lacking?
(1) feed and Elite Networks
(2) video
(3) graffiti wall
(4) Blog friends
myspace doesn’t need zombies and vampires

HACK facebook!

I’m existential about loving chaos or order… but see a design that is beyond cognition… the conceptual reverence between Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking in math is nothing but semiotics. One sees g-d, the other thinks there is math that he can not see. Does it matter what you call it? Even the Vatican looked at Hawking’s theories and had no qualms with it. The danger is when people stop looking because they are afraid of what they might find out. I am for pragmatic thinking… personal benefit… against supply side egalitarian moralism/”Leftism” because they have stopped looking. When it comes to desire, the libidinal, gender theory… it is the left who is afraid of what they might find. Follow Gloria Steinem close enough and you get Paris Hilton. Our understanding of our sexual nature was stunted the moment Anna Freud turned her daddies documents into a PR campaign. No wonder psychoanalysis has become a nightmare of Chemicals and Shock treatment?

Speaking of corporate accountability: as a former employee of “Tower Records”, I can quote from experience that this is a primary example where poor decisions eventually led to “Tower Records” demise. While there I often spoke to the customers and found my higher ups @ “Tower Records” to be quite hostile to free thought. Though I was still in school at the time, I found my customers to be more loyal when I actually got to know them. “Tower Records” preferred the “Blockbuster Video” corporate strategy of non opinionated workers. When I left “Tower” I warned them that the one advantage of creating loyal customers was through opinions, because most people simply preferred to download music for free. Opinions are the reason people buy recorded media. The future idea of the media was one where the employees gave recommendations and interacted with people. “Tower Records” failed to heed my warning and now no longer exists. This is not delusions of grandeur. “Tower Records” failed to understand what the media was all about. When you centralize ideas into a forum and create a capitalized system where people pay or are advertised to, the danger is that people might go to another venue if the system of distribution is censored. The argument against this is the “Blockbuster” strategy of monopolization or governments like China. My arguments against these tyrannies are that in the long term censorship will not work. Essentially we are now going to see the same thing occur on facebook. Censorship besides being illegal is not a governing economic principle of information. Information wants to be free!

Boycott the facebook establishment for the banishment of
Noah David Simon

The Action of disabling without justification is wrong.
If there were something that would warrant disabling a persons hard work, you would know
immediately and inform the person. We assume facebook as a large corporation has adequate resources to identify deviancy immediately and to explain what happened… facebook has failed to keep it’s users notified as to what unauthorized use would be. Wrongful conduct would be obvious. The only reason to take such exaggerated action is if online behavior could be easily identified. Since facebook can not identify a problem within a two day period it is not wrong to ask then to stop this discriminatory action. Artists should be
appreciated and should not be under unnecessary surveillance relative to anyone other individuals.

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Ironically the very last drawing done by Noah David Simon on facebook

was the armless artist who killed a man with head butt.

It was done on the wall of Greg Hergert. Noah’s new “best” artist friend

Greg is on a totally different drawing level.
I highly recommend you check out his work.
I almost can’t believe I have been blessed with such a cool new friend.

I am now using web 0.0 social networking. I call it Judaism. I uninstalled the applications for Jesus, Mohammad, and Gloria Steinem. As much as I loved some of the people there, I found it easier not to network with them. I also uninstalled Vampires and Zombies. I hope to get some of the people back through my Blog.

I tried installing the Atheist Social Network. It wouldn’t run without an operating system.

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